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May 21, 2014

How Do Your Customers Benefit From An Online Order Management System?

If you’re considering implementing an online order management system, you’re probably aware of all the ways that it will improve your process. It will greatly reduce order entry and the time spent responding to routine customer service inquiries, increasing efficiency, reducing errors, and eliminating duplicated work.

An online order management system doesn’t just benefit you, though. It also benefits your customers. The system will give them a quick, convenient, and 24/7 way to place orders without having to call or email your staff, or fill out old-fashioned Excel or Word order forms. They'll have instant, online updates on the status of their orders, and they’ll have greater confidence that their orders will arrive on-time and with the correct items. An online order management system also makes your company look more professional in the eyes of your customers.

Businesses who implement an online ordering system often say that their customers experience a more efficient and convenient ordering process. That increases customer satisfaction and loyalty. By implementing an online system, you’re improving your customers' businesses as well as your own.

Here are three ways they benefit:

May 16, 2014

Order Entry Software: What Tasks Does It Automate?

Everybody loves taking a new order from a customer. It’s in the fulfillment of the order that things can get a little dicey. If your business is like most, you haven’t quite found the perfect streamlined system for fulfilling customer orders as efficiently as possible.

Maybe the order is initially placed on an order form with a salesperson or over the phone with a customer service representative. That person may then input the order into an electronic system. Many companies then use multiple platforms to communicate the order information to various departments like billing, distribution, and customer service.

May 13, 2014

5 Reasons Why You Should Automate Your Order Management System

There are few things more exciting than getting a new sale. After all, selling your product or service is the point of being in business. Finally getting that sale from a client is often the culmination of a lot of hard work.

However, the very act of placing and fulfilling the order starts a whole new process that can be inefficient, time-consuming, labor-intensive, and vulnerable to mistakes and errors. First your salesperson has to place the order. Maybe they call the back office or send an email, or maybe they even write it down and bring it back to the office. Then someone in your office may have to contact your warehouse or fulfillment center to execute the order.

May 07, 2014

B2B e-Commerce: See How Order Entry Software Can Improve Business

Streamlining your order management can be very beneficial for not only you, but your customers as well. B2B e-Commerce can get very complicated when dealing with an excessive amount of customers. Below is a great real life example of how order entry software can improve customer management.


Our story starts with a very successful wholesale distributor of fresh produce to restaurants, schools and hospitals. They are in a highly competitive business that demands freshness, high quality, and exacting delivery schedules with very few errors. Pioneer Produce looked for an on-line sales order management system that is fully compatible with QuickBooks. As you may assume they selected Now Commerce. They wanted all their customers to be able to look at real-time stock statuses, view their standard and recent orders, and enter today’s order requirements without staff involvement.

April 30, 2014

Improving Your Order Management Speed In Distribution

Moving merchandise faster has a lot of benefits to the end customer, to the retailer, and especially to the wholesaler. Most of the low hanging wholesale business improvements are already in place, improvements like smart warehousing, bar-coding, racking and material handling equipment, better labeling, easy packaging, better transportation with same day or overnight deliveries, and all kinds of special purpose software that speeds up the process of getting merchandise to where it’s needed.

A wholesaler derives a lot of benefits from improving overall order management speed. None of these benefits is dramatic by itself, but together they add up to genuine business performance improvements – among them are

April 10, 2014

Can Your Sales Team Benefit From Online Order Entry Software?

Providing sales reps with online order entry software that integrates with a back office accounting system can certainly make life easier for manufacturers, wholesalers, or distributors. First, we’ll take a look at what’s in it for the company, then we’ll see what’s in it for the reps.

Eliminate or reduce order entry at work