Customer Order Management

Customer Order Management Essentials

One of the most important factors in the success of a wholesale business is the efficiency of the order fulfillment process.  Order management software that integrates with QuickBooks can prevent mistakes and delays in your fulfilment process.  Your sales reps and office team will be more productive, and your B2B customers will enjoy 24/7 online convenience that will make you their preferred supplier.

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B2B Ecommerce Platform for QuickBooks

From beverage distributors to juvenile products to industrial supplies, we've helped more than 500 clients through the process of selling online. More than just an online store, Now Commerce is purpose-built for B2B sales for companies running QuickBooks Desktop.

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5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Customer Order Management

The way you interact with your customers will determine whether you will get repeat business and referrals. Good customer service leads to customer satisfaction and loyalty. One way to provide that customer service is by having a customer order management solution in place. 

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The Best Customer Order Management Strategies for Your Business

If you are like most business owners today, you know that the effort it takes to fulfill customer orders can be challenging and time consuming. You can meet these challenges head on by employing order management strategies that will save you both time and money.

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The Secrets to Enhancing Your Customer Order Management Portal

Sometimes, we get the question of why a B2B business should use a customer order management add-on for QuickBooks for a better customer experience. The answer is simple when you consider how a small upgrade to your order process can elevate the customer experience.

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Increase Customer Engagement with Order Management Software

For the B2B industry, not having proper engagement with buyers is a major risk when  94% of all B2B buyers research B2B companies before buying from them.

When those buyers find out you don't offer a way to research and order products online they'll quickly move on to your competitors.

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Customer Portal

Start accepting B2B orders online today with the Now Commerce Customer Portal.

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Rep Portal

Empower your sales team with 24/7 access to key tools they need to do their job.

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Save time and reduce errors by integrating QuickBooks Desktop with your shipping system.

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