QuickBooks for Wholesale Businesses

Why QuickBooks Premier Manufacturing & Wholesale Beats Pro and QBO

One of the great things about QuickBooks is that there are multiple versions to meet any need. Whether you're a startup or established, whether you sell products or services, there's a version of QuickBooks for you.

QuickBooks offers Online, Pro, Premier, and Enterprise, and they want you to climb their product ladder.

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B2B Ecommerce Platform for QuickBooks

From beverage distributors to juvenile products to industrial supplies, we've helped more than 500 clients through the process of selling online. More than just an online store, Now Commerce is purpose-built for B2B sales for companies running QuickBooks Desktop.

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QuickBooks Order Management: 6 Things about QuickBooks You Didn't Know

Bonus tip: Under the "Desktop View" under "Preferences", choose the "Company Snapshot" for your default desktop view. That way you'll see a summary of your business' revenue and expenses and profit and loss.

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QuickBooks Software for Wholesale Businesses

QuickBooks Premier Desktop Edition can be customized for your wholesale business. With this version, not only can you track your inventory, but you can also track profitability, so you know exactly which products sell, and therefore know which products to promote.

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Choosing the Best Ecommerce QuickBooks Integration Solution for B2B Businesses

If you want to provide ecommerce for your customers and you’re "locked in," so to speak, to QuickBooks, the best solution is going to be tailor-made both for the nature of B2B customers (and their purchasing habits) and for the unique needs of QuickBooks.

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Take QuickBooks Order Management Beyond the Enterprise

With the hosting option offered by QuickBooks Enterprise, internal users have more accessibility, yet it lacks functionality for independent sales reps and B2B customers. With that said, let's discuss the benefits of integrating QuickBooks with software-as-a-service order management.

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Customer Portal

Start accepting B2B orders online today with the Now Commerce Customer Portal.

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Rep Portal

Empower your sales team with 24/7 access to key tools they need to do their job.

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Save time and reduce errors by integrating QuickBooks Desktop with your shipping system.

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