Frequently Asked Questions

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About Now Commerce

What does Now Commerce do?

We make B2B eCommerce easy and efficient for businesses that use QuickBooks Desktop. That’s all that we do and we’re the recognized experts.

What do you do that QuickBooks doesn’t?

We allow controlled access to QuickBooks data, through the cloud, for your sales force and customers. We allow you to create just-right order forms that are always up-to-date with data in your QuickBooks Company File.

What’s your relationship to Intuit and QuickBooks?

We are the only certified Intuit Gold Developer in the order management space. Our developers maintain valuable relationships with their counterparts at Intuit.

Getting Started

What will I need to get started?

A reasonably clean set of required data (primarily inventory, customer list, rep lists, and pricing) in your QuickBooks company file. You’ll need to appoint one person to be the Now Commerce administrator.

How long will it take?

Your Now Commerce account manager will get you up and running when you want and as quickly as you want at no cost to you.

How will I roll it out to my sale force and customers?

We will help with proven communication tools and will happily demonstrate the ease of use and value of Now Commerce to anybody you ask us to.

What about integrating with my warehouse?

We can send your orders directly to your warehouse's software and bring back status and tracking info.

About the Now Commerce service

Who uses the service?

Hundreds of distributors in hundreds of product lines with a huge variety of sales channels and use cases. About 25% of our subscribers come to us through referrals.

How mature is the service?

It has evolved over almost ten years, servicing over 500 wholesalers.

What does it integrate with?

Does Now Commerce work with QuickBooks Enterprise?

That’s our sweet spot. We know all of the tricks and quirks and workarounds to take advantage of the amazing power of Enterprise.

Does Now Commerce work with QuickBooks Online?

We would love to, but QuickBooks Online (so far) lacks the feature set that allows the more mature QuickBooks Desktop products to work with us.

How does Now Commerce communicate with the QuickBooks company file?

Automatically. All desktop editions of QuickBooks contain the Intuit Web Connector utility, which enables QuickBooks to work with web based applications like ours.

Does Now Commerce work with mobile devices?

Yes, we use responsive design to render forms and information on various mobile devices. Complex order forms are easier on laptops and tablets; screen size will matter to the user.

Does Now Commerce talk with 3PL software?

Yes, we have full integration with all of the major players and are adding new ones as required.

Does Now Commerce integrate with consumer shopping services?

Yes, we work with the majors and add new ones as required.