Frequently Asked Questions

B2B Portals

Can my Sales Reps and B2B Customers really do their own order entry? Yes!

Yes! Our Ordering Portals are very easy for Sales Reps and B2B Accounts to use. You control who gets into the portal, you control what they can order, and when you are ready, the sync sends their orders to QuickBooks! Your job becomes order review instead of order entry.

Getting Started

Is setup really fast and free? Yes!

Yes! Your Now Commerce account manager will get you up and running in an hour or two over the phone. No credit card required.

Is the subscription really Month-to-Month? Yes!

Yes! You can cancel anytime, no contract or commitment required. No credit card required to get started.


Does Now Commerce work with QuickBooks Desktop? Yes!

Yes! We love QuickBooks Desktop, including hosted QuickBooks (for example, Right Networks).

Does Now Commerce work with QuickBooks Online? Yes!

Yes! We support all version of QuickBooks Online. Canada too!

Does Now Commerce work with my warehouse? Yes!

Yes! We can send your orders to your warehouse's software and send the tracking numbers back to QuickBooks.

Does Now Commerce work with my webstore and EDI customers? Yes!

Yes! We can import orders into your QuickBooks from a wide variety of sources, including spreadsheets, CSV, API, etc. Please call, and we'll talk it over.