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Enhance Your Wholesale Business with Now Commerce's B2B eCommerce Platform
Transform your wholesale operations into a seamless digital experience with Now Commerce's robust B2B eCommerce platform. Our integrated solution simplifies every aspect of your B2B transactions, from efficient order management to seamless integration with QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online. Explore how our suite of tools redefines the way you do business.

Streamlined Management from a Single Dashboard
Take charge of your B2B eCommerce endeavors through our comprehensive Now Commerce Platform. With a single web-based dashboard, manage the full spectrum of your wholesale operations, including the B2B Customer Portal, Sales Rep Portal, and Shipments Manager. Experience true efficiency as you navigate multiple aspects of your business seamlessly.

Efficient Order Management - Simplify Your Workflow
Our B2B wholesale platform optimizes your processes, ensuring smooth sailing from order entry to order tracking. Embrace efficiency as Now Commerce becomes your reliable partner in enhancing your operational workflow, allowing you to focus on providing unparalleled customer service.

Seamless QuickBooks Integration: The Power of Two-Way Communication
Experience the power of two-way communication between Now Commerce and QuickBooks. Our B2B eCommerce platform can ensure accurate pricing, real-time inventory updates, and automatic order synchronization. Unite your financial insights with operational data, creating a harmonious ecosystem that fuels your business growth.

The Now Commerce Platform

With the Now Commerce Platform, your management and staff can enter orders, see real-time inventory, and review customer details. The B2B Customer Portal allows wholesale customers to enter their orders online through your branded Customer Portal. The Sales Rep Portal lets your sales reps enter orders for their assigned accounts and provide customer service from anywhere. Finally, by integrating QuickBooks with your warehouse's software, the custom Shipments Manager module improves shipping speed and accuracy while lowering costs.

Built-in QuickBooks integration

Built-in, two-way communication between Now Commerce and QuickBooks. Your wholesale customers, sales reps, management, and staff can see real-time inventory, accurate pricing, order history, and other vital data. Orders entered online are automatically created in QuickBooks. Now Commerce is compatible with QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online.

Free Setup. Free Support. No Contracts.

All Now Commerce subscriptions are month-to-month, and there are no contracts. Subscriptions include guided setup assistance with a dedicated account manager and free phone and email support. We’ll help get your QuickBooks data configured properly, customize your order forms, and set everything up before you decide to subscribe.

Remote business insight and order management

Now Commerce goes beyond streamlining operations – it empowers remote business insights. Managers gain a comprehensive view of daily orders and inventory levels. Sales and customer service teams effectively manage accounts from anywhere, and wholesale customers navigate their orders and inquiries effortlessly.