Sales Rep Portal

Now Commerce Rep Portal

Sales Rep Portal

Revolutionize Your Sales Strategy with the Now Commerce Sales Rep Portal

Step into a new era of B2B eCommerce with the Now Commerce Sales Rep Portal—a cutting-edge solution designed to empower your sales team and elevate your business performance. 

Seamlessly integrating into your existing QuickBooks framework, this platform equips your sales reps with real-time insights, enabling them to make informed decisions on the go. 

With the Sales Rep Portal, your team gains the ability to effortlessly enter orders, access up-to-the-minute inventory data, and offer personalized customer experiences from any device, anywhere. The portal streamlines the sales process by displaying wholesale prices, facilitating order tracking, and supporting multiple pricing tiers, fostering stronger client relationships. 

Sales Rep Portal

Secure Wholesale Pricing
Behind a secure, invitation-only login, sales reps can access wholesale prices tailored to each customer.
Customer-Specific Order Guides
These guides are organized by product categories, complete with detailed descriptions and images, simplifying the order process and boosting accuracy.
Real-Time Inventory Visibility
This critical information allows them to make informed decisions and provide accurate product availability to customers.
Flexible Pricing and Order Parameters
The Sales Rep Portal supports multiple pricing tiers, order minimums, and quantity multiples.
Order Tracking and History
Sales reps can easily track the status of their customers' open orders and access their order and payment history.

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