Rep Portal

Now Commerce Rep Portal

Now Commerce Rep Portal

Empower your sales team with 24/7 access to key tools they need to do their job.

The Now Commerce Rep Portal is a two-way integration with QuickBooks that provides real-time information and insight into your sales activity, as well as the ability to enter and update orders. And all information submitted by your sales team is automatically entered directly into QuickBooks.

Explore Features

  • Reps place orders on online custom order forms
  • Reps only see customers assigned to them in QB
  • You are in control of what the reps can see and do
  • You are in control of when orders sync to QB
  • Reps see custom pricing per QB price levels
  • Reps see QB inventory
  • Reps see QB Invoice history and tracking numbers
  • Reps see pending orders
  • Read-only for the reps... no direct access to QBRequest a demo


Robust QuickBooks Integration along with a comprehensive suite of features and functionality.

Two-Way Integration with QuickBooks Desktop

  • Place Customer Orders
  • Create & Save Orders
  • View real-time Pricing & Inventory
  • Check Shipping Status
  • View Pending Orders
  • View Account History

Sales Management

  • Monitor Customer Activity
  • Manage Pricing & Discounts
  • Customizable Alerts

Granular Reporting

  • Orders
  • Invoices
  • Net Sales
  • Payments
  • Sales Receipts
  • Credit Memos

Authorize Sales Staff/Reps

  • Approve access to specific customer accounts

Empower Your Sales Team Now!

Give your sales team the information and functionality they need to sell more

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