Now Commerce Fulfillment

Save time and reduce errors by integrating QuickBooks Desktop with your shipping system.

Two-Way integration provides for both sending shipment requests as well as receiving shipping confirmations. All fully automated with QuickBooks and requiring no manual data entry. Whether your shipping department is in the back of the office, on the other side of town, or at multiple locations across the country, we can help. Our technology integrates QuickBooks with virtually any shipping system. Accelerate your shipping and more quickly communicate shipping activity to your customers and sales team. Talk to your dedicated account manager today and learn more about how Now Commerce can improve your distribution.

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No Manual Data Entry
Integrates with virtually all shipping systems
Two-way QuickBooks Integration
Accelerates Shipping


Robust technology integration along with a comprehensive suite of features and functionality.

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Now Commerce Platform Integration

  • Now Commerce Platform subscribers can instantly share shipping information with customers and the sales team

Two-Way Integration with your warehouse

  • Electronically transmit shippers from QuickBooks to your warehouse(s)
  • Shipping data automatically entered in QuickBooks
    • Ship Date
    • Quantities
    • Shipping Costs
    • Tracking Number(s)

Integrates with virtually all warehousing systems


Supports multiple warehousing locations

Streamline Your Shipping Now!

Improve shipping speed and accuracy while lowering your costs

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