Customer Portal

Wholesale/B2B customers place orders 24/7 with custom pricing, up-to-date inventory, and account history.

Unlimited Users | Unlimited Orders

  • Online orders automatically entered in QuickBooks
  • View real-time pricing & inventory
  • Check shipping status
  • View pending orders
  • View account history – complete account activity including credits/returns
  • Manage account information
customer portal

Rep Portal

Your sales reps can be more independent and more productive!

How it works:

  • Sales reps see only their accounts
  • Reps see pricing, inventory, history, and enter their orders
  • You control what your reps see and do
  • Not a shopping cart - wholesale only
  • Automatic sync with QuickBooks
1 REP …… $100 per month
2 to 3 REPS …… $150 per month
4 to 5 REPS …… $200 per month
6 to 10 REPS …… $250 per month
11 to 20 REPS …… $300 per month
Over 20 REPS …… Contact Us for a personalized quote
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Automated integration lets you send shipments to your 3PL or shipping software without data entry.

How it works:

  • We sync with your QuickBooks using the QuickBooks Web Connector
  • We create an integration with your warehouse's software (in-house or third party)
  • You send orders to your warehouse with a few clicks
  • When your warehouse ships an order you will see it on your completed shipments list
  • Simple 3 step dashboard: 1. New Shipments 2. Pending Shipments 3. Completed Shipments
  • Tracking numbers can bridge back to the orders in QuickBooks
* $300 one-time integration fee for ShipStation, ShipWorks, or 3PL Central. Maximum one-time fee is $1200 depending on what software your warehouse uses. 

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