Financial Services Company

“Great Southern Bank has been using Now Commerce for years as an internal ordering system for all of our banking centers and back office departments.  It provides a user-friendly ordering experience and has been a welcome reduction in the labor associated with entering and processing supply orders in QuickBooks.”

Michael Hopper - Great Southern Bank

Michele Corley

Professional Skin Care

The Now Commerce online ordering portal has been fabulous for my company.  It helped streamline order entry.  It gave our customers the ability to order 24/7 and more than paid for itself by reducing manual order entry.  The customer support is also first-rate!  I highly recommend them!

Michele Corley - Michele Corley Clinical Skin Care


Recycled Packaging Distributor

“Now Commerce has drastically helped us reduce our order processing time and has allowed us to be more efficient by reducing errors in order entry. The Now Commerce team always provides excellent customer service and technical support when need be. I would highly recommend this service!”

Nicole Carella - Earthpack

Sunrise Produce Inc.

Fresh Produce Distributor

“Now Commerce has allowed us to be growth focused while eliminating order entry errors! The positive feedback from our customers has been overwhelming, and internal employee productivity is much higher than when we took phone orders. We couldn’t be happier with Now Commerce!!”

Bill Kercher - Sunrise Produce Inc.

Augusta Fruit Market Wholesale Fruits & Vegetables

"We have been using Now Commerce for over 5 years, and the product has been fantastic. It seamlessly runs in the background without any hassles or maintenance and syncs perfectly with our QuickBooks. When we do have questions or make changes, the support team comes through to ensure we're running 24/7."

Jason Amaro - Augusta Fruit Market
Classico Distributor LLC Importer/Wholesalers of Fine Wines & Spirits

"Now Commerce has helped Classico enter the 21st century. We went from calling the orders over the phone to allowing every salesperson to enter their orders directly. It also gave us the ability to see "live inventory" and past history for every client. The best part is that now we have accountability. Now it is easy to see if the mistake was made by the salesperson entering the wrong item or by the warehouse pulling the wrong item. Accountability!!! Thank you, Now Commerce."

Dario Soldan - Classico Distributor LLC
Bread Lounge


Wholesale Bakery

"We at Bread Lounge could not be more satisfied with Now Commerce. The extremely user-friendly online ordering system not only allows our customers to have ease of access when placing orders but also grants us the ability to quickly sync those orders to our QuickBooks Database. Additionally, the portal requires effortless management and contains useful information about ordering trends within our company. The customer service is astounding, too; our dedicated account manager swiftly assists us whenever we have a question. Ultimately, Now Commerce is an amazing and straightforward ordering system that greatly helps us manage our expanding business."

Kseniia Lewis - Bread Lounge

Natural Uniforms Importer of Medical Uniforms and Supplies

"Thanks to Now Commerce, we are able to offer real-time visibility of our inventory. Allow customers to place orders directly, including out-of-stock items. Notify all of our customer base of important notices of new upcoming products. Seamless, two-way integration with QuickBooks desktop."

Joanna Levine - Pacific Tri-Port Distribution, Inc.
Chesapeake Bay Roasting Company

Premium Coffee Roaster/Distributor

“Using Now Commerce has given us a huge reduction in our order entry time as well as a reduction in order entry errors. Now Commerce’s customer service and support is the best of any supplier we work with.”

Chris Paladino - Chesapeake Bay Roasting Company

Essentials Brands, Inc.

Designer Diaper Bag Manufacturer

“Now Commerce has enhanced our order processing and saved our company hours processing orders, allowing us to ship most of our customer’s orders the same day! This software is an overall time saver in every way and has the best integration by far for small businesses using QuickBooks! Providing our sales reps and customers with immediate access to our inventory levels, shipping, order tracking, and invoicing has increased sales and given them the information they need to place their orders. The support team has been great in integrating our ideas and creating an easier way for us to run our operation.”

Tarek Tabbara - Essentials Brands, Inc.

Regent Wholesale Beverage, LLC

Importer and Distributor of Fine Wine, Beer, and Spirits

“I have been searching for several years for a program like Now Commerce. It gives a small alcohol beverage distributor such as ourselves the range and look of a large distributor while also creating a more efficient ordering, warehousing, and inventory operation. Our sales force loves it as they can see real-time inventory while having ease of access to their accounts and their ordering history. This has been one of the top decisions we have made for our company, and I highly recommend Now Commerce.”

Frank Leggio - Regent Wholesale Beverage, LLC

Wheat Montana, LLC

Baked Goods Wholesaler

“Now Commerce solved more issues than what we needed. We have several distributors that needed a way to place their orders. Now Commerce solved that issue along with giving our distributors the ability to review and print their own sale orders and invoices.  This is a great system with great support. Thank you.”

Peter Carlson - Wheat Montana, LLC

Controller Groundwork Coffee

Premium Coffee Roaster/Distributor

“The online ordering tool we have been desperate to find for years!!!  Everything about this product is amazing. It’s like the developers were in my head and designed this software just for us.”

Helen Singh - Groundwork Coffee

MDF Instruments

Medical Equipment Manufacturer

“The Now Commerce interface is awesome! It has truly integrated our operations and sales team in addition to providing our customers with easy access to their order history, payments, tracking information, and more. It makes shipping our products more streamlined as well as provides greater visibility on top of saving us time. Thank you!!”

Yonah Barkhordari - MDF Instruments

Interserve, Inc.

Product Merchandising Display Manufacturer

“One of our biggest customers wanted their reps to place orders online, and Now Commerce’s Rep Portal was a turn-key solution. We have over 2,000 items, and the online order form is still easy for the reps to use.”

Dana Richardson - Interserve, Inc.

Troxel Helmets

Equestrian Helmet Manufacturer

“Now Commerce is phenomenal! It’s easy for my sales reps, and my customers are managing their own orders!”

Shay Timms - Troxel Helmets