3 Powerful Features Customers Want in a B2B Order Site

B2B order siteDistributors, manufacturers, and wholesalers rely on B2B orders from loyal customers. What Customers Want in a B2B Order Site – is the question businesses should be asking. In order to retain repeat customers and gain new customers, innovative solutions have to be attained and implemented. Now Commerce helps businesses stay ahead of advancing technology, by offering a cloud based add-on for QuickBooks Pro, Premier, and Enterprise users.

QuickBooks integration with our Now Commerce Platform gives businesses a B2B e-commerce platform for managing online ordering. Within our innovative software are portals where sales reps, managers, and B2B customers can get access to advanced tools which simplify and enhance the ordering process.

What do customers want in a B2B order site anyway?

  • Simplified and Dynamic Order Forms
  • 24/7 Access
  • Easy-to-Navigate Dashboard

 Simplified and Dynamic Order Forms

Customers are hopefully going to spend a lot of time using your order forms. Making simple and dynamic order forms for customers will make ordering faster, easier, and more attractive.

Customize your order forms to properly present products and streamline ordering. Brand the forms with your logo for a more professional custom look. Make simple to advanced order forms available in a central location in the customer portal.

Simplified and dynamic order forms, B2B customers can find and use through the customer portal, are essential in retaining customers and gaining new ones. The exceptional quality and usefulness of these essential order forms will provide customers with an experience they won’t mind repeating often.

24/7 Access

Integrating QuickBooks with a Now Commerce online store platform will allow 24/7 access to B2B customers. Customers can use their portal to access order forms, see past orders, track shipping, and see inventory data at any time, which means more orders and better customer satisfaction.

With a fully automated inventory workflow, data will be synced to give customers up-to-date information. They'll be able to see real-time stock status, order status, shipment confirmation, order history, payment history, and customer-specific pricing using QuickBooks price levels.

B2B customers want 24/7 access, and with Now Commerce platforms your business can provide this. Offering this access will go a long way in retaining and adding customers.

Easy-To-Navigate Dashboard

B2B customers will discover a great new way to do business with you, when they use their customer portal. At first, they'll log on to their secure customer portal to gain access anytime, then they'll be at their dashboard area where they can navigate:

  • availability/pricing of inventory
  • pending orders
  • invoices/shipments
  • payments/credits
  • custom order forms

The order forms will already be filled out and have the thumbnails of products, updated availability and pricing, and a simple interface for easy use. Place the quantity of the products desired and get a total instantly for each product. When done, customers review the order and then place it for completion. All transactions can be found and examined on the customer portal dashboard. Contact information and settings are there as well.

B2B customers want an easy-to-navigate dashboard where they can do all their ordering from. By making ordering easier, more efficient, and quicker, businesses can retain B2B customers and gain new customers.

Optimizing B2B Sales and Customer Experience

Now Commerce has developed an innovative product that simply integrates with QuickBooks desktop software. Our comprehensive service is committed to helping our clients set up their on-line store fully integrated with QuickBooks, then we provide the needed support for them to be successful.

Retain customers and give them the platform to expand their business with you, by providing them the customer portal by Now Commerce. To know more about our innovative products, give us a call or set up a demo.

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