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Improved Order Processing — Taking QuickBooks to the Next Level

Order processing is a seemingly simple, common business practice that wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers, and importers deal with every single day. If you’re using QuickBooks, you’ve likely learned very quickly where the issues in your ordering process are, and you’ve also probably realized that QuickBooks alone isn’t going to be the solution to those issues.

Keeping Up with Technology Trends: Order Entry Software and Automation

It’s never a bad thing when you get new orders.  After all, orders are what keep your business running.

Wholesale Order Management Software: Helping Your Fulfillment Center

One of the biggest problems for B2B companies is dealing with data entry errors. You're perhaps one B2B business that still uses antiquated wholesale order management software requiring manual data entry to get financial information coordinated.

For your fulfillment center, this can lead to vast confusion, especially when they have to call you to see why you have discrepancies on record.

Increase Accuracy with Order Processing Software

A great order processing software system builds accuracy for your business in many ways. Data management and entry, customer communication and service, and inventory integration all increase in accuracy with a good order processing system.

Since order processing includes customer information, inventory management, and accounting systems, it is imperative that your order processing software integrate with your current business systems including accounting software.

7 Advantages of Order Processing Software

Order processing software is a software system designed specifically to save businesses time in a significant part of the sales process: the order process. With proper online order software, your business can enjoy the following 7 benefits and use them to boost both profits and customer service. 

Automate Routine Tasks with Order Entry Software

One of the most effective ways to streamline your order processing routine is to implement integrated order entry software. Your sales reps, customer service staff, and wholesale customers can place orders online and those orders will be automatically created in QuickBooks without any additional data entry. Order entry software can also help streamline your entire fulfillment process

3 Ways to Improve Loyalty with Your B2B Wholesale Customers


Customer retention is an important aspect of any business, including companies who sell B2B. According to KISSMetrics, acquiring a new customer costs seven times more than keeping an existing one. On top of that, existing customers tend to spend more than new ones do. The math is easy. If it costs less to retain a customer who will spend more, then at least some marketing resources should be spent on improving customer loyalty. 

Order Entry Software: Improve Communication Between Sales, Customer Service, Accounting, and Shipping

Business owners and managers have to be talented jugglers. You wear many hats during the day, trying to keep one eye on daily operations and the other on business growth opportunities. You can’t afford to waste time wondering where you stand, especially regarding wholesale orders. Order entry software puts everything right at your fingertips.

Order entry software boosts the power of QuickBooks.

The most effective software integrates seamlessly with your QuickBooks system. The system captures and applies customer-specific pricing, inventory, and shipping data automatically, so there’s never a need for redundant data entry. This enables you to use QuickBooks not only to manage your financials but as a communication tool that connects sales, customer service, accounting, and shipping. You can even send your shopping cart orders automatically to QuickBooks and integrate with your shipping software or 3PL warehouse.

5 Reasons Why You Should Automate Your Order Management System

There are few things more exciting than getting a new sale. After all, selling your product or service is the point of being in business. Finally getting that sale from a client is often the culmination of a lot of hard work.

However, the very act of placing and fulfilling the order starts a whole new process that can be inefficient, time-consuming, labor-intensive, and vulnerable to mistakes and errors. First your salesperson has to place the order. Maybe they call the back office or send an email, or maybe they even write it down and bring it back to the office. Then someone in your office may have to contact your warehouse or fulfillment center to execute the order.