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Choosing the Best Ecommerce QuickBooks Integration Solution for B2B Businesses

Before we jump into the meat of the article, I want to make a point — ecommerce solutions that are built for B2C businesses, in most cases, are not an appropriate fit for a B2B business.

Scaling Your Distribution Business: 5 Ways to Save Time So You Can Grow

Whether you have a physical warehouse for supplying your customers, or you’re an entirely digital drop-shipping distributor, you’ll run into the same problems business owners have had for hundreds of years. Management, inventory, keeping customers coming in the doors or visiting your website. 

The Top Online Vendors for Clothing Distributors Offer This Key Feature to Their Customers

When clothing distributors are looking for wholesalers and manufacturers to partner with, they’re generally looking for someone who has a clear record of success, someone who has partnered with plenty of retailers and who can reliably, and continually, fulfill new orders and keep product flowing out the door.

Inventory Management Best Practices

Though I can give you a list of inventory management best practices, the reality is, not all of these practices are going to be the best for your business.

5 Big Reasons to Move from Manual Order Fulfillment to Automated Order Fulfillment

It’s one thing to attract new business to your website, but it’s another matter entirely for you to retain that new business.  All customers want a streamlined, easy ordering process, but the customers in the B2B segment are often relatively neglected compared to those in B2C.

Kicking Off The Year Right: Utilize Automatic Processing of QuickBooks Orders

The new year is here – and with it, the continual march of technology. 

Wholesale Order Management Software: Helping Your Fulfillment Center

One of the biggest problems for B2B companies is dealing with data entry errors. You're perhaps one B2B business that still uses antiquated wholesale order management software requiring manual data entry to get financial information coordinated.

For your fulfillment center, this can lead to vast confusion, especially when they have to call you to see why you have discrepancies on record.

QuickBooks Software for Wholesale Businesses

Why should you consider using QuickBooks software for wholesale businesses? As a wholesale business owner, you need to make sure accounts are handled and documented. It can be a daunting task. Luckily, you can monitor the happenings of your company with QuickBooks software. You can streamline tracking the operations of your wholesale business using QuickBooks, from purchasing to inventory to sales, all electronically.

QuickBooks Inventory Management: Tips for Beginners

For many small and medium sized companies, QuickBooks is the main driver of their accounting infrastructure. QuickBooks is reliable and when utilized correctly, it is scalable and allows managers to jumpstart their inventory management efforts. If you are a beginner to QuickBooks, there are many resources available to help you get set up.  It might be worth considering hiring an accountant to get you started. If you are using a different form of accounting and are considering migrating to QuickBooks, then you may need a trusted financial professional to help transfer integral information. A consultation can help specify and determine aspects of your business that needs QuickBooks. An accountant will help pinpoint conventional tracking expenses and other obligations when it comes to local regulations.

QuickBooks Inventory Management Software: Do You Need It?

 Every business owner knows that inventory is money. QuickBooks is an accounting program that keeps track of the business’s money, and several versions of QuickBooks are very capable inventory management programs. If you operate a product-based business one of the best things you can do is make sure that you are using the proper version of QuickBooks. Correct use of the proper version of QB may be able to give you all of the inventory accuracy and functionality you need so you can avoid the expense and complications of additional inventory management software.