3 Ways to Avoid Costly Errors by Using Order Entry Software

shutterstock_106771133If you are like most wholesalers and manufacturers, you know how important accuracy can be when it comes to order processing. One simple error, regardless of how small, can turn into a massive nightmare in the business world. It is truly amazing the number of ways in which humans can really cause problems with order processing. While nobody wants to end up with incorrect orders, inaccurate delivery instructions, short orders or delivery delays, it used to be that an error here and there was just inevitable.

These days, however, with software that is designed to be incorporated into every single aspect of the order entry and processing operation, those errors we used to see on a daily, weekly or monthly basis can be greatly reduced. If you are a wholesaler or manufacturer who has been considering avoiding costly errors by using this innovative software, there are numerous ways your new order entry/ order processing software can help.

Ways Your Order Entry Software Can Assist You in Avoiding Errors

  • Automated entry is essential if you are searching for software than can assist you in avoiding costly errors. Let's face it- no matter how careful we try to be, we are humans, and humans make errors from time to time. When your customers, sales professionals, customer service representatives, and other personnel are forced to manually enter information into the system, there are bound to be mistakes. Using software that offers a customer portal and/or a sales representative portal that automatically enters any duplicate information into your back office accounting software can significantly reduce the amount of time humans spend typing and will produce fewer errors.

  • Integration is key when it comes to reducing order entry errors. Many people think that orders are entered once in the ordering process, and that's that. As business owners, however, we know that, until recently, order processing software was not able to completely integrate with other aspects of the operation (QuickBooks, 3rd Party warehouse software, shopping carts, etc.) and had to be re-entered repeatedly in order to complete the ordering, delivery, and billing process. Not only is this extremely time consuming for sales professionals, customer service reps, and other personnel, but it is just asking for something to go wrong. When you use the order processing software that is available today, customers or sales reps enter order information once, and details from that information are integrated with accounting software and warehouse software, often in real-time, and there is no need to worry about the risk of incorrect information being entered, miscommunication or other errors that can become extremely costly in the long run.

  • Visibility and transparency can play a significant role in the reduction of errors during order processing as well. Using order entry software that includes a portal where customers, sales professionals, customer service representatives and managers can go to track the progress of orders will greatly reduce the chances that order mistakes get through the system unseen. This visibility enables customers, reps, and customer service people to spot mistakes so they can be addressed before it becomes too late.

High quality, automated order entry/ order processing software that integrates with your current back office accounting software is essential for accurately processing customer orders, and can significantly reduce the risk for costly errors that are a result of repetitive data entry, non-compatible software, and miscommunication. Not only will your bank account thank you, but your customers and sales professionals will as well. Save both valuable time and costly mistakes by using only the most up to date order processing software for your business.

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