4 Ways Sales Rep Software Helps Your Staff Do Their Job Easier

sales rep software

Have you been searching for sales rep software enabling your sales representatives and team to better manage the operations of your B2B company? The options are always great, though it's not always possible to find a perfect feature combination. Some features are more vital for today's business world than others, especially with real-time capabilities.

You've no doubt realized that without a wider view of business realities, your B2B company has blind spots. There isn't any more dangerous place to have this occur than in your sales department. If they're just getting a partial idea of how your sales are doing, it can lead to discrepancies down the road.

A more entry-level order management software may only provide generalized data without a full picture of reality.

So what should your sales reps have that can help them do their jobs easier? When you eliminate phone calls, emails, and faxes from their work equation, you up productivity exponentially.

More Efficiency Placing Orders

Since you depend on your sales representatives to take orders from customers, how do they currently process invoices? If they're still doing it through a paper-based system, errors are likely becoming the norm. Undoubtedly, order forms were lost numerous times due to relying on paper filing.

Correcting these errors likely led to severe downtime trying to locate lost invoices or correcting errors made by a data entry operator.

With quality sales rep software, orders get placed automatically into QuickBooks without having to do it manually. Automation is the sure way to avoid mistakes and lost data. However, it's just the beginning in how sales reps can use better software to communicate and analyze customer data.

Using a Portal to Access Order Information

Sales reps have to keep up on what's going on so they report accurate order information to others in the sales department. Having software with online portals is the best way to get everyone coordinated to save time arranging in-person meetings.

With an online portal, your sales reps check in on order information in real-time and see which orders are still pending and which ones shipped. What's great about this is anyone has access to the portal, including customers. This helps in the relationships between the sales rep and customer. It gives more control to the customer, which ultimately improves customer service.

At the same time, sales reps can easily send information to other staff without having to make time-consuming calls, or sending lengthy emails.

Monitoring and Alerts

When sales reps work with customers, they need to keep on top of what they're doing so they don't lose leads. The portal above helps them monitor customer activity to see what a buyer does with their purchases. Since customer portals allow business owners to go in and order products on their own, it leaves data for more targeted sales techniques later.

With customizable alerts, staff can know when a buyer comes in and buys something. It's essentially 360-degree monitoring that brings everyone together in one place with reliable security.

Approving Access to Specific Customer Accounts

You may not want every sales rep accessing all your customer accounts. The best sales rep software understands security measures and gives you control to manage who accesses what.

Through this management process, you can assign specific sales reps and other staff to access accounts deemed the most valuable. You can call this account management in many ways because it allows your best sales representatives to keep track of what the most loyal customers do.

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