Advance Your Business with Order Management Software

advance_businessOrder management software is a powerful tool designed to record and process orders. This tool is very flexible and can easily be adapted to the unique environment and needs of all B2B product based businesses. Using software to manage a crucial process such as orders is a huge step and it is important to understand the benefits of relying on order management software before selecting one or putting this new technology into use.

Read on to see how using software to manage orders can benefit suppliers and wholesalers like you:

  • Order management software helps you save time.  Once an order is placed by a customer or sales rep it will automatically transfer to your QuickBooks account.  You can then send the order straight to your fulfilment center without having to rekey the order.  Employees can focus on other tasks and spend more time on providing a great customer experience.
  • Automation provides customers with a better overall experience.  Customers can look up pricing or discounts.  They can place an online order with a few clicks and get a confirmation instantly.  They can then track their order once it has shipped.  Many wholesalers are already offering this kind of experience; you could lose customers to your competitors if you cannot process orders as quickly as B2B customers are getting used to.
  • Software makes inventory management more concise and less time-consuming. By automatically recording orders, order management software gives you access to data on sales. You can then use this data to keep track of what is available in your inventory and to identify patterns to determine the best time to re-order.
  • You can add warehouse integration to your order system.   This means you can send your orders electronically to your third party warehouse for faster, error free shipping.  You can then access the portal to get all tracking information plus shipping costs. 
  • Data and performance tracking is another perk of this type of software. You can access information regarding sales volumes for any product, the average amount spent by customers and identify patterns, such as repeat orders or products often purchased together
  • Automation considerably reduces errors compared to manually processing orders. There is no need to worry about typos or pricing errors. Switching to an automated tool should almost eliminate errors and improve the experience customers have when ordering from you as well as help you maintain a great reputation as a reliable supplier.
  • Order management software is a valuable tool for sales representatives. The right online tool will provide sales representatives with comprehensive information on any account or product wherever they are. This feature helps salespeople provide amazing customer service by being aware of a customer’s previous orders and preferences.

These are just some advantages of an automated tool for processing orders. Take a tour of Now Commerce software with one of our experts to show you how it could help your business too.  order management system