Automate Routine Tasks with Order Entry Software

automateorderentrysoftwareOne of the most effective ways to streamline your order processing routine is to implement integrated order entry software. Your sales reps, customer service staff, and wholesale customers can place orders online and those orders will be automatically created in QuickBooks without any additional data entry. Order entry software can also help streamline your entire fulfillment process

Here are three critical tasks that can be automated with software:

Online B2B Ordering And QuickBooks

How much time do your employees spend typing orders into QuickBooks? If you answered, “Too much,” you’re not alone. Many businesses use an inefficient manual process on every order.

Order entry software can be integrated with your accounting software. That means orders will automatically sync with your accounting software as the orders are placed. Good online portals will also pull the latest info from QuickBooks so reps and B2B customers always see accurate pricing, product info, and inventory information.

Sending the Order to Your Shipping Team

The best software systems can be configured to work with your third party fulfillment center. Order and shipment information is sent directly to your warehouse’s software. With this integration in place you no longer have to call, email, fill out a form, or upload a file to get the orders shipped out of your distribution facility. Your warehouse will love it because they will get your shipment info in exactly the format that they specify.  

Maintaining Order Status Information 

Does this process sound familiar? A customer asks one of your sales reps about the status of his order. The sales rep then calls your back office to inquire about the order. One of your back-office employees pulls the initial order and then checks with your warehouse to see where the order is. After the order is tracked down, the warehouse calls the back office employee who then calls back the sales rep. Finally, the sales rep updates the customer as to the order’s whereabouts.

This whole process is avoidable. Order entry software allows you to automate the entire customer management experience. Since the order entry software links with QuickBooks and your warehouse, the status of the order is always available online. If a customer asks your sales rep about an order, the sales rep can pull it up online and give them the status update within seconds. Customers themselves can look up the info 24/7 too.

Many businesses make the mistake of thinking that a sophisticated order entry system can only be implemented by large companies. An online order entry system can be an easy, affordable, and effective way for you to take control of your order entry process and streamline your order fulfillment process.

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