B2B Ecommerce Software: Keep Track of Orders with Ease

sales_orders_with_easeSelling to other businesses can often be more challenging than selling to consumers. As your customer base begins to grows, there are more orders to keep track of, more time consuming customer service issues to handle, which usually means the need for more staff on hand to take care of these things.  Now, B2B ecommerce has been added to the mix. For many companies, this development has been a mixed blessing. It opens up a new channel for orders, but it also causes the need to re-enter data from these orders into other databases like QuickBooks to keep track of everything. Is there a way to keep online ordering capabilities while avoiding all of this extra work? Fortunately, there is. Enter Now Commerce.

Now Commerce is B2B ecommerce software that takes care of the needs of the B2B seller. It allows orders to be placed by customers over the internet, but that's just the start. The best part is its integration capabilities. It integrates with QuickBooks so that there's no need to transfer data from one database to another. This eliminates a tedious and error-prone process from the online ordering system. It also works with QuickBooks inventory so that your current inventory levels are automatically updated when an order is placed. Best of all, it's not just for online customers. It gives your staff powerful access to information and functionality as well.

Benefits for Your Sales Force

These benefits alone would make it worth upgrading to Now Commerce. The program can be accessed from anywhere your reps can get an internet connection or Wi-Fi signal, so they can instantly answer questions, check inventory levels, and place new orders right from a customer's office or other meeting place. This allows them to skip the calls back to the main office and the waiting on hold that can be frustrating and time consuming. It also ensures that they are ready to set orders in motion before a new customer has a chance to lose interest. With these abilities at hand, field staff will surely close more sales.

Benefits for Your Customers

Your customers will appreciate your new ability to serve them quickly across multiple channels. Many, if not most, businesses today are equipped to order online and have moved to models that anticipate that suppliers can accommodate this. In fact, some large buyers insist that suppliers be able to provide online ordering, tracking, and inventory information. Using our B2B ecommerce software solution enables you to allow your customers to order when they want to - without the need to call in or set up appointments with account managers. This allows both your company and your customers to be as nimble as possible. It also eliminates the problem of doing business across different time zones, which is more and more relevant as buyers and sellers both move away from the extreme localization of the past.

Benefits for Your Internal Departments

Without B2B ecommerce software, processing an order needs to go through many hands.  It starts with your sales staff, but that's just the beginning. Once an order is taken, several things need to happen. The financial aspects need to be recorded, the details of who ordered have to be recorded both in master records and in the order fulfillment department, inventory levels must be updated, and the order must be shipped. Records that are relevant to customers, such the order's processing stage, must also be tracked and made accessible.

It used to be that taking care of all of these peripheral details could cost more than the raw price of the items in the order thanks to the amount of employee time required to deal with it all, but this will no longer be the case once you implement a Now Commerce solution. That's because all of these things are automatically handled by the software when the order is entered and as it moves from the sales desk all the way to the shipping courier. QuickBooks is instantly updated, the inventory is modified, and when the item ships out, all you need to do is type in the tracking number to allow your customers and staff to find out where an order is after it leaves your doors.

To get started with one of our purpose-built solutions, just give us a call. You'll love the cost savings and convenience of being able to take care of everything in one shot.order management system