B2B Order Management: Creating Portals for Different Roles

Personalize Order Management

As a member of the B2B industry, you're no doubt trying to find order management software with the ability to give more personal connections to your business customers and partners. Software that makes it easy for your customers and partners is the one you obviously want, and personal portals go a long way toward that goal.

When you give power to a customer to check in on their orders without confusion, you open a door to more transparency in your B2B company. Giving business customers complete freedom to control their accounts is important because they need as much transparency about their orders as you can provide.

Arming independent sales reps with complete information about their accounts creates the best environment for them to be successful.  That improves their ability to close sales and make customers happy.

Providing accurate information to your fulfillment team ensures the right products are shipped to the right location at the right time. Order management software that shares the fulfillment status with everyone, you, your sales team, and your customers, keeps all apprised of order progress.

Here’s how portals bring better order management by making these tools suitable for each role in the sales process.

Personalized for you, the Business

Creating a portal for the B2B company’s staff requires something different from any other role. It means more comprehensiveness since staff obviously has to get a full picture of everything. You also have to make it possible to save them time since they're on the go constantly.

They can instantly check order status (including shipping), or orders still pending. They'll see pricing through QuickBooks pricing levels even while out of the office to make sure each customer is receiving their negotiated price.

Personalized for the Sales Team

First, and foremost, your independent sales reps need to be able to place orders as quickly and efficiently as if they were in your office.  They need immediate access to the information you have, the current stock levels, current prices, current customer standing, that’s important to the sales process.

Their portal personalized to the sales team meets these needs.  They’re able to sign in and check their accounts anywhere, anytime, using the real-time power of the internet.

Personalized for your Customers

Your customers have their own needs.  Each one has its own unique relationship with you.  Your customers need easy access to their specific information.

Portals personalized to your customers give each of them information on the products they purchase, the prices they pay for those products, and their past purchases and payments.  Order management software that allows you to set up unique product lists for each customer and unique prices for each customer meets your customers’ individual needs without compromise.

Other Users

Through configuration, the best order management software lets you tweak the portals for any other users you know can benefit from the data. It includes members of your own B2B company to keep up on every order angle.

When you don't have time for live meetings, you can get on the same page by having fast accessibility to order information with customers. Through the cloud, all data has accessibility anywhere there's an Internet connection.

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