B2B Order Management Software: How to Keep Your Business Running 24/7

order management software 24/7

In this world of constant connection, B2B businesses are expected to run 24/7. Buyers expect to be able to get their orders placed and questions answered anytime of the day.  And if you don’t have B2B order management software that keeps your operations going 24/7, it’s time to get one.

In the age of online ordering, buyers need to have access to product information around the clock to keep themselves competitive and successful.  With order software they can place their own orders and answer their own questions regarding their accounts.

Equally important is eliminating the task of entering orders manually. If you and your business team still enter order information from paper or in an antiquated ordering system, you're falling too far behind. In today's more challenging business world with stiff competition, you can't take these particular risks.

Entering orders manually ultimately brings the danger of making critical mistakes that will disrupt the 24/7 flow of business operations.  Customers waiting for simple answers on pricing or product availability can slow down the entire order process as well.  You need software features to keep you running optimally around the clock.

Having a SaaS tool to cover the three main areas of your B2B business can be the solution you need to build your business and eliminate confusion across every department.

Providing a Personalized Experience

Client-specific customization has now become an important part of a B2B business model. Having this available in a customer portal is important to give your clients some freedom while placing orders and tracking important ordering information.

Customer portals have been perfected in the B2C world. But because of the formal way business was conducted in the B2B industry it hasn’t been a driving force.  Things are changing as many B2B businesses now focus on more personalized and self-serving methods to connect with buyers.

Offering your customers customized order forms so that they can easily place orders is just the start.  When integrated with QuickBooks, or other accounting software, things become very efficient.

When a customer places an order it will automatically upload that order into QuickBooks so that both you and the buyer have instant access to order information. From here a customer can see if product is available or not, check the status of other orders or look up pricing whenever they need.

On your end, it keeps your ordering process running consistently without interruptions. You won't have burdensome customer questions waiting for you in the morning wondering the status of their orders or whether a products in stock.

Using a Sales Portal

Providing a portal for customers is vital, yet so is having one for your sales team. Without knowing what's going on (including in the a.m. hours, on holidays, or weekends), they could end up missing something that results in a lost sale.

Through the cloud, they can access information at any time to make sure orders are accurate and shipping. It prevents your team from having to take time to make calls, write emails, or send faxes for confirmations. Plus, if you have inside and outside sales teams, they can link up better through the portal. Communication is easier so each side of your sales team is on the same page.

As part of sales management, your sales reps can go beyond monitoring customer activity. They'll be able to manage pricing and discounts, plus create customized alerts for customers.

Integrating with Your Fulfillment Center

Despite working closely with your fulfillment warehouse, mistakes could still occur when sending orders to them. Integrating order management software with both QuickBooks and your fulfillment center will ensure all information automatically gets entered and inventory gets updated regularly.

Having easier communication with fulfillment ultimately speeds up shipping times. Customers don't want to wait long to get products.  They also want to be updated on the status of their orders and receiving tracking information as soon as their products ship.

We have the solution you need here at Now Commerce. Visit us to find out how we can provide the three essential elements of B2B order management software.

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