Build Customer Loyalty with Order Management Software

shutterstock_216865924Order management software is a must for keeping customer accounts organized and relationships with customers running smooth.  Inaccurate or late orders, can lead to dissatisfaction among your customers and possibly lost business.  To avoid these pitfalls, an order management system allows you to integrate order entry and processing and lets the customer reap the many benefits of a coordinated system.  Here are just a few of those perks.

Access to Product Information

Especially helpful with B2B customers, order management systems allow your customers to view your full product line.  Everything from units available, color, size, and location of products is communicated to the customer.  By measuring the success of each product they carry, your customers can reorder the most successful ones or examine the wide range of selection to choose new products that meet the demand of their own clients.

Customers Place Own Orders

Accurate and on-time orders are a sure fire way to keep customers happy and coming back for more.  By allowing a customer to enter their own orders which are then transmitted right to your warehouse, you bypass any need to rekey the orders, keeping order accuracy intact.  By allowing them to see current inventory availability, they know that whatever they order, they will receive.  It allows the customer to be more effective with their own planning. 

View Purchase History

A customers’ ability to access their own purchase history takes a lot of guess work and complication out of reorders.  Rather than have to retain their own records of what product they bought and when, customers benefit from the logs generated by such software.  At any time, they can access their history and turn future purchases into a simple “click and reorder.”  Their time is freed up, and your order management system is working for you. 

Communicate Shipping Status

Giving a customer access to their shipping and tracking information not only frees up their time, it gives your sales reps and back office staff a break as well.  No longer will they be interrupted with emails or phone calls from customers wondering when their stock will arrive.  With an automated system, they can easily see when their product will arrive and thus enable them to plan appropriately. 

Everything in One Place

By having a system that communicates with your accounting software and gives secure access to your customers to place orders, check pricing, inventory, shipping and tracking information, it will not only speed up the entire order management process but create brand loyalty with your customers as well. Order Management System