Choosing the Best Order Management System for Your Wholesale Business

4054766770_8ba3856c00_mEcommerce is becoming one of the most efficient ways for wholesalers to reach customers.   According to data from Forrester, B2B ecommerce is currently a $559 billion industry, and is steadily growing by almost 19 percent each year.  Now even small companies can afford to benefit from the opportunity that B2B ecommerce software offers.   Giving your customers and reps an online order management system will ensure your business is poised for growth. 


Growing With the Trend

Is your company growing?  Have you been thinking about ways to stay competitive by offering customers more?  Are your employees reaching their max capacity?  If any of these sound familiar then it is time to think about an online order management system.   An order management system can be a game changer for your company.

Here are some things to consider when selecting an online ordering system for QuickBooks. 


Seamless Integration

An online order management system should seamlessly integrate with your current accounting software, like QuickBooks.  With a simple set up process, you should be able to securely display selected customer and item data to reps and customers so they can answer their own questions with needing to bother your inside team.  Sales reps and customers can also place orders online which will get written directly into QuickBooks without requiring order entry in the office. 

An online order management system should not replace your website, but you should have a link to it so that customers can find it without trouble.  It should be simple to use so that customers feel comfortable using it immediately without instruction.     


Maximizing Employees  

In a small company, a handful of employees are typically responsible for all facets of the business, and anything that helps them do their jobs more efficiently is a welcome addition. An online ordering system is an easy and affordable way to help your employees maximize their time and work efficiently. 

An automated online ordering system will reduce your employees’ workloads by shifting some tasks onto the customers and outside reps. Online ordering will reduce the workload of your sales reps, because customers can service themselves. Through the system, they can create, monitor and adjust orders without the assistance of one of your employees. Instead of answering simple questions for current customers, your sales reps will be able to focus on finding new customers.


Key Features

Because both reps and customers will be using the system it should be easy to navigate and need little explanation. 

Some features to look for include:

  • customized customer order forms
  • customized customer pricing
  • order history
  • displays real-time inventory levels
  • displays tracking information
  • easily searchable

The goal is to make your new order system easy to use so that customers are free to place and track orders and answer their own questions anytime they’d like. 


Growing For the Future

Finally, it is important to look for an ordering system that can grow with your company. A well-developed online ordering system will be able to support rapid growth while maintaining a high level of customer service. A wholesale portal can delay the need to hire a dedicated customer service person. 


Get More with an Online Ordering System

Can your business benefit from an online ordering portal?  Look for a system that is affordable, automatically integrates with QuickBooks, gives reps and customers the ability to create orders without data entry and instantly answer their own questions and watch your efficiency and customer service improve

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