Do You Have Ongoing Problems with Your Wholesale Order Processing?

Order_fulfillment_processDo you have ongoing problems with your wholesale order processing? Do you consistently have to send out free product or give discounts because an order was fulfilled incorrectly? Do customers complain that they don't get their orders in a timely manner? Are you tired of handing orders twice? What if there was one simple tool you could implement to fix all of those issues? Good news - there is. An online sales and order management portal that integrates with QuickBooks can streamline your order management process, increasing efficiency, on-time delivery, and overall accuracy.

A sales portal gives your customers and sales reps the ability to enter their orders directly online. By integrating the portal with QuickBooks, the two systems send information back and forth automatically. Your sales portal will always reflect correct product information, inventory levels, and pricing. Meanwhile, new order information will flow directly from the sales portal into QuickBooks.

This smooth interaction between the two systems solves some of the most common order management problems, including:

Order processing bottlenecks. When your company first started, did you have one person who did everything? He or she took all the orders, kept track of inventory, juggled customer priorities, and sent the order information to your shipping department. Maybe they were the shipping department, too! Maybe that kind of process was adequate in the beginning, but you've probably outgrown it now. Once your business grows to a certain level, it's inefficient for one person to handle everything. Your orders can only ship as fast as they can process them. If they're out of the office, everything grinds to a halt.

An online order processing portal gives everyone the ability to view order information. That means you can have as many people as needed to work on order processing. If your point person is out of the office, there's no reason why order processing has to stop or even skip a beat.

Human error. Your sales rep phones in an order, which a customer service representative writes down. That representative passes the order on to someone in fulfillment who types the information into your fulfillment program. Somewhere along the way, information is communicated, written down, or typed incorrectly and the order goes out with the wrong product or quantity.

An online sales portal eliminates these issues because the information goes straight into QuickBooks as soon as it’s ordered by the customer or sales rep. They place the order based on information in QuickBooks and then the information is readily available for your team members to view. No copying or transcribing is necessary, which means there's less opportunity for human error. Integration with QuickBooks means there is only one database to maintain and data entry is reduced or even eliminated.

Have you experienced any of these types of issues in your order processing? We're always curious to hear about challenges businesses face in getting accurate orders to their customers on time. Share your order management challenges with us in the comment section. Also, we'd love to hear whether you think those challenges could be resolved by an online portal or some other integration tool.

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order management system Photocredit: Tax Credit via Flickr