Fine-tuning B2B Order Management Software

b2b order management Finding quality B2B order management software can mean scoping out the best features, but it also means having complete control from multiple sides. You can adjust your chair to fit you, but is the software you're using able to adjust as much as you'd like it to? You need to find software that doesn't force you to adhere to its own rigid structure.

Fine-tuning is important, especially with online portals. Using portals, your business team (and customers) can access accounts and use them in a more personalized way.

With fine-tuned portals, you're also able to bring a stronger sense of branding to your B2B company so you can stand out amid your competition.

So how do you adjust in a way where it benefits everyone? Take a look at what's possible beyond basic branding and how it can help bring more loyalty from your buyers.

Adjusting for Specific Customers

You're going to have numerous clients in your B2B business with many having specialized needs you want to cater to. Tuning techniques in your B2B order management software lets you enable different features so buyers take more control of how they order and study metric information.

Some examples include pricing strategies based on QuickBooks' Pricing Levels. This applies customer specific pricing adjustments so you help your accounting department.

Then you can apply order parameters on QuickBooks by working with their easy settings. Plus, having advanced inventory metrics is essential to keep proper communication between you and your fulfillment center. QuickBooks' Advanced Inventory sites help integrate this into your software.

Customizing Your Order Forms

Part of your customization for the customer experience is creating unique order forms that have more personalized details. With custom features in your software, you can create everything from simple to advanced forms if you have more complex products.

What's important here is you can streamline the order process through e-commerce. More targeted order forms make a buying experience more personalized to a buyer. You'll be able to present your products in unique ways so a buyer gains more detailed information on what they're purchasing.

By giving personalized access to order forms through portals, buyers gain more transparency with your B2B company. They don't have to write emails to determine what's going on with an order. In addition, they'll find out what inventory is available, and be able to buy a product on the go.

Taking Branding to the Limit

With branding mentioned above, it's worth noting how important your logo and colors are in creating a more personalized experience. Software strategically placing a logo and using color schemes allows further targeting on a more artistic level.

This helps give more personality to your B2B business, which is perhaps sorely needed. The B2B industry can easily look boring if not giving it some spirit and differentiation.

When a buyer signs in to their personal portal, you can set up each account to use your logo and colors in a way giving strong identification. It helps the buyer more subtly assimilate who you are so they'll always recognize you whenever they see your marketing elsewhere.

Configuring Accounts for Multiple Roles

From your company's side, configuration is just as vital since you have so many user needs. By finding software that allows you to create accounts suitable for specific roles, you'll have more targeted online portals for improved job efficiency.

Letting individuals have their own configured online hubs for work, metrics, and orders brings everyone in on what's going on without any blind spots.

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