Five Ways B2B Customers Will Benefit From an Order Management System

Order_management_system-5An order management system that syncs with QuickBooks has many benefits inside a small wholesale business. It allows B2B customers and outside reps to efficiently place orders and answer their own customer service questions so your inside staff can use their talents to grow the business instead of spending their days in QuickBooks. Your customers will benefit, too. Here are five reasons they will love an online ordering system.


1. Faster Answers

With an online ordering portal your customers do not need to wait for answers. If they want to know how much an item costs, check if it is in stock, get a tracking number, or print an invoice, they can sign in and look up the information. All it takes is a few clicks. There is no need for customers to call or email you and then wait for an answer. 

2. Help at Any Time

A customer order management system never sleeps. It is always available to help customers, no matter when they need assistance. For this reason, an online ordering system is one of the most efficient ways to serve international customers and those in other time zones. With around-the-clock access to most of their questions, they do not need to wait for your business hours to place orders or look up answers.

An order management system’s 24/7 availability does not just benefit customers in different countries and regions. It also lets customers in your own time zone access their order information at their convenience. Some of your more local customers may not be open during traditional business hours, or they may occasionally need to place an emergency order overnight. An online ordering system gives your company the flexibility to handle these scenarios. 

3. Product Details at Their Fingertips

Order management systems are one of the best sources of information for customers who need product details. An ordering system has the seller’s description, the manufacturer’s specifications, and pictures of the product. When a customer cannot pick up and inspect a product, these sources have the next-best information about the product -- and they are all conveniently stored in the ordering system that can be accessed online. 

4. Place Own Orders

Some customers may appreciate the assistance that sales reps provide, but other customers want a more independent experience. They want to be able to work on, review, and place their own orders. An online ordering system gives this group of customers the ability to be self-sufficient. International customers may be shy if they don’t have confidence speaking or writing English, so they are also likely to appreciate the self-service benefits of a customer portal.

5. Inventory Availability

Some businesses take backorders and some businesses don’t accept orders for items that are out of stock. An online ordering portal can display current inventory levels or a simple “in stock” or “out of stock” message. Customers can make an informed decision about which products to order. If you use QuickBooks Enterprise Advanced Inventory module for multiple warehouses be sure to find a portal that supports this.

Your Customers Will Love It

Look for one that is designed specifically for B2B and integrates with QuickBooks.  Customers will appreciate the ease and availability of an order management system and your outside reps and inside team will benefit too.

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