Get Orders In and Out Faster with Order Entry Software

order entry softwareCompanies have done B2B sales the same way for years. For large accounts, sales reps go to the customers' locations to take orders. This requires making an appointment and then spending a lot of time taking their order. Questions about stock levels, current order status, and other basic aspects of business result in the rep calling the main office to check. Sometimes, the orders are also called in. All of this calling results in long wait times that annoy customers and create chances for errors in transcription.

Smaller B2B customers typically don't get live visits from agents, but they still have to call in to place orders and ask questions. In a way, this is an improvement over the live visit method because it can be done at the customer's convenience. However, these customers still have to wait on hold if they call during busy times or want to know about something that sales support can't immediately find out.

The solution to all of these problems is to get order entry software that works with your existing QuickBooks program. This allows your staff to have instant access to key information, enter orders directly into your company's system, and eliminate all of the waiting that typically goes along with the old-fashioned ways of taking orders. Even better, you can provide customers with their own online accounts. With these accounts, they'll be able to place orders with no need to call in or make any appointments at all.

Here are some specifics about how order entry software can be so helpful for your business:

QuickBooks Integration

This is the key to order entry software's extreme usefulness. With this integration, it will be able to display real-time stats on stock availability, the status of prior orders, customer account information, and more. This makes it easy for salespeople to provide goof-proof answers to common customer questions.

Remote Accessibility

Easy access to Wi-Fi makes it so that your salespeople can log into the order entry system from almost anywhere. Thanks to this accessibility, there is no longer a need for field reps to call into the office to place orders for customers or write orders down on pads. Instead, they can just log in and handle everything on the spot. Even better, logging in this way ensures that there isn't any holding time. Like other online portals, the program responds almost instantaneously.

Customer Accessibility

The ultimate way to eliminate waiting time is to allow your customers to log in and place their own orders. Good order entry software makes it easy to set up customer-facing B2B accounts that work much like B2C shopping sites. You can show your products, describe them, and most importantly, your customers can order them - all with no need for live intervention from your end. Customers can also check their overall account data just by logging in and clicking a few buttons.

Round-the-Clock Access

The days of "normal business hours" have been over for a long time. Your customers may be in different time zones or have more than one shift running. Regardless of the reason, they certainly don't want to have to wait for you to open once they decide to restock. The easiest way to meet this demand is with order entry software. It never closes, so all your customers need to do in order to place an order or check on a previous one is log on.

With all of these benefits, there's no doubt that every B2B business needs modern order entry software. It's time to eliminate the problems of the old ways. Your salespeople and customers will love the convenience of your new order entry software and gladly reward you with increased sales.Improve your order management process