Guess Why You Should Use an Online Order Management System for B2B?

online order management systemFor any business, managing orders is a big deal. After all, orders are where the money comes from. It's important to make sure that everything happens exactly as it's supposed to. From the initial pricing, all the way through the completion of the shipment, everything should be perfect. Unfortunately, that's not always easy. Managing lots of large-scale orders manually can become a very difficult task, but there is a solution, an online order management system.  This can be a cloud based software program that syncs to your accounting software, like QuickBooks, that makes it easy for both customers and your sales team to enter in orders, and check things like pricing, product availability, and tracking numbers.

Here are a few benefits of using an online order management system.


One of the greatest things about using an order management system is that it automates much of the process. Once an order gets entered, it will automatically get transferred to your accounting system so you don’t have to enter the order in twice.  It can also be sent straight to your warehouse for shipping.  This type of automation can help you save time and money, and it can also help ensure that few mistakes, if any, occur with each order.

Simple Ordering

An online ordering system can make the process of ordering much easier. You can create a customized electronic order form for each of your clients, to make ordering as simple as a few clicks.  It can include what they’ve ordered previously to make reorders easy as well as stock status.

Increased Communication

Anything stored on the cloud is much easier to share. Instead of trying to send different information to each client, just give them access to a secure log in so that they can check their accounts themselves. You can share any number of things, such as pricing and discounts specific to each customer, photos and descriptions of the product or where there product is in the shipping process. Customers will appreciate instant access to details about their accounts without having to call the office.


The cloud is quickly growing in the world of business.  By using an online order management system, you'll be protecting your files from hackers, disasters, and your own employees. It will also automatically create a system of backups, which protects your system from natural disasters. And unfortunately, even if they are trusted, your employees make mistakes. Whether they accidentally delete the wrong file, or push the wrong button, losing a file could mean losing a customer. Since your employees will be using the order system rather than your accounting system it makes it very difficult to accidentally delete important files.

More Professional

In the modern world of business, companies expect each other to communicate through technology. They expect to be able to easily communicate through the cloud, because it saves them time, energy, and money. Although an expensive brochure, along with lots of paperwork, is generally acceptable, they prefer, and are even willing to pay more for, the ease for making decisions online, based on information they found online. A good order management system will even let them place their orders online.

An online order management system can keep your files safer, while making the entire order process easier. It can also make your customers much happier by making their experience easier and more professional. Consider trying an online order management system for your company. You might be surprised by what it can do for you.

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