How to Use Electronic Order Fulfillment to Increase Sales

Online order fulfillmentA 2013 survey of 400 North American and European business-to-business (B2B) companies indicates that 97 percent of B2Bcompanies offer online ordering for at least some of their products or services. Most B2B respondents also indicated that they planned to increase their electronic offerings by an average of 34 percent in the next year. For many purchasers, it's simply a better way to buy.

Increasing B2B sales is about more than just marketing. The world is changing, as B2B buyers turn to online purchasing more than ever before. This trend isn't limited to the world of big corporations, either. Many small and mid-sized manufacturing and distribution businesses now offer electronic order fulfillment options to accommodate these buyers.

What was once a nice perk for smaller businesses is now a necessity. Your buyers expect to be able to make purchases online, and why wouldn't they? It's more convenient on their end, but it also makes your job easier. Electronic order fulfillment reduces manual order entry and as well as routine customer service inquiries.

Adding electronic order fulfillment doesn't mean you have to change the way that you do business. You can still drive sales by offering great products and building strong relationships with your buyers. It's simply another tool to help make those things possible.

In this blog, you'll learn more about how and why electronic order fulfillment is a powerful way to increase sales.

Why Electronic Order Fulfillment is Popular With Wholesalers

Electronic order fulfillment is quickly leveling the playing field for smaller wholesalers. Here are a few reasons:

  • Electronic order fulfillment is convenient.
    Your customers can place an order at any time, without the need to contact you directly. The easier you make it for customers to buy, the more likely it is that customers will choose you over your competition.

  • Customer self-service.
    Your customers have their own businesses to run. Enabling them to place and check the status of purchase orders on their own schedules is good business and will be well-received. It reinforces the excellent customer service you’ve built your business on.

  • Minimizes mistakes.
    Electronic order fulfillment also helps minimize mistakes. Buyers can order exactly what they want, without the potential for human error inherent to phone calls, voice messages and emails.  Confidence that their orders are placed correctly equates to customer loyalty.

Simpler Selling

It's not just about the buyer. Electronic fulfillment also boosts sales by making the task easier on your end. When buyers are placing orders electronically, they don’t have to spend as much time with your team. Instead, your team can focus on engaging new B2B customers, managing existing relationships, and better using their skills to grow your business.  Better yet, if you leverage rep firms for your sales efforts, they’ll appreciate the ease of ordering and will likely spend more time focusing on your business. An easier sales process means reps will prefer to sell your line over their other lines.

As you can see, electronic fulfillment offers many sales-boosting benefits beyond simple convenience. Your buyers will love how easily they're able to place orders and answer their own questions 24/7, while your employees will love how it minimizes the sometimes tedious aspects of B2B sales. With electronic order fulfillment, you'll drive sales and free up time to focus on growing your business. It's a win-win proposition for you, your team, and especially your customers.

What other benefits do you realize from electronic order fulfillment?

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