Improving Your Business with Order Entry Software

grow_businessIf you are a manufacturer, wholesaler or distributor, you probably have a complex order process.  Receiving customer orders (error free, you hope), keying them into your accounting system, sending them to the warehouse and getting them shipped in a timely manner can be a process fraught with pitfalls and road blocks.  With order entry software you can simplify these processes and improve your business along the way. 

Order entry software is a tool that lets customers and sales staff place orders into a shared online system.  The best ones will sync with QuickBooks or other accounting software.  Once synced, everyone you authorize will have access to all pertinent customer account information such as customer specific price levels and order forms, complete order history, shipping information and real time inventory status. 

So, how does all of this improve your business?  Read on to find out. 

Faster Order Processing Time

Since both your customers and sales reps can place orders from anywhere, 24/7, you eliminate the need for your inside staff to hand enter orders that are called in or emailed.  Customers and their sales reps have customized order forms with their prices and items so they can quickly place orders.  They have their order history right there so they can easily see what they’ve previously ordered.  Since the orders go immediately into the system, they are sent straight to the warehouse for shipping with the push of a button.  No need to touch them again. 

Less Errors

Since customers and sales reps are entering their own orders, your inside staff never have to decipher what your customer meant when they sent in an order.  With order forms and prices customized for each account, inaccurate or incomplete orders can be reduced or eliminated.  With real time inventory availability, customers will order only what is available and not have to be notified of backorders.

More Productive Staff

When your customers and outside sales reps are able to access their own account information it frees up your inside staff to do other jobs that grow your business.  They are not getting bogged down by simple questions like, “where is my shipment?” or “can you check stock levels on this item”.  Customers and sales reps can check it themselves.  You easily eliminate duplicate work by having orders entered only once.    

Knowledgeable Sales Reps

Online order entry software can arm your sales reps with the order and payment history for each of their assigned accounts.  This information can help the sales rep answer their customers account related questions.  A good ordering system will keep them informed of available inventory so they can recommend products based on prior orders and upsell new ones.  With all of their customer information at their fingertips, sales reps will be able to focus on growing their sales pipeline rather than mundane customer service tasks. 

Satisfied Customers

With a system that gives them quick, convenient, 24/7 access to place orders, customers don’t have to waste time placing calls to your staff or filling out order forms to send to you.  They’ll know immediately if their order will be filled and they’ll have instant, online updates on the status of their orders.  This will give them greater confidence that their orders will arrive correct and on time.  This will also boost customer satisfaction and increase loyalty with your company.  

Implementing order entry software for your customers and staff gives you a cohesive system that everyone can use.  With access to the same information, everyone stays in the loop, streamlining your order management process, bringing you a more productive staff and happy customers.  Getting Started with Now Commerce Portals