Increase Communication in Your Wholesale Business with Integrated Order Management Software

increase-communication-wholesale-orderingA comprehensive order management system improves customer satisfaction and decreases costs by increasing communication among all company departments.  It helps sales, order processing, accounting and customer service, and shipping  all stay up to date with the other departments’ activities, so that all operations run smoothly. Regardless of whether you are a wholesaler who has many different departments, or where a few people wear various hats, every wholesale company can benefit from the increased communication that comes with a well-designed order management system.

Setting up Sales for Success

By creating one platform through which all pricing and inventory information can be accessed, an order management system gives the sales department the data they need to provide a consistent purchasing experience for the customer. Customers are able to order through any of the available sales channels, or they can even begin the ordering process through one channel and finish it through another. A customer who begins placing an order online or via email can continue with the order over the phone. All along the way, both your customers and salespeople have access to custom prices, inventory levels, tracking numbers, ship dates, invoices, payment info, and credits.

Ensure Accurate Accounting

When selecting an order management system, it is important to choose one that integrates with your company’s accounting software. If the two programs cannot communicate with each other, then communication will break down at one of the most crucial points in your company’s structure—between all the other departments and accounting. For small businesses that do not have the capital to invest in costly software suites, the most affordable solution is usually to find an order management system that integrates with QuickBooks. You likely already use QuickBooks for accounting. A good order management system will integrate seamlessly and help your accounting department by reducing data entry, errors associated with data entry, and by allowing various departments to answer their own questions without needing to rely on accounting for further information.

The number of sales channels that wholesalers are offering is increasing. Supply chains are becoming more complex. Customer expectations are always increasing as well. In order to be a competitive wholesaler in today’s marketplace, your company needs an order management system that improves communication across all departments. From the largest corporations to the smallest mom-and-pop businesses, consistent communication between all employees and departments is a key to speedy and efficient operations.

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