Learn How an Order Entry Software Will Save Your Company Money

Looking for an easy way to cut costs and increase efficiency at your business? Consider implementing order entry software. An order entry software system that is customizable and integrates with QuickBooks allows your customers, sales reps, and customer service people to efficiently enter their orders directly through an online portal. The order information is then automatically and accurately transferred to QuickBooks, saving time spent on data entry. 

Here are three specific ways in which an online order system will save you money:

1) It improves order accuracy. Even the most well-oiled machines make mistakes. How often do you have to call or email the rep or customer because their order has errors: incorrect, discontinued, or missing items, bad prices, improper quantities, wrong address, etc? Needless to say if it happens often, this is a huge waste of valuable time. 

A good online order entry system saves time and improves order accuracy because the reps and wholesale customers will be using a custom online order form. They simply fill out the quantities they want of each item. The items, custom pricing, inventory, and addresses are pulled from QuickBooks so they will always be accurate.

The custom online order form prevents bad orders before they happen. Reps and customers can’t order items you don’t have because they are not on the order form. They can’t order 11 of an item if the minimum order is 12. They can’t order 5 of an item if your case quantity is 4. They can’t order 1 piece at the 10 piece price.

2) It reduces the demand on your customer service team. A good online order entry system syncs with QuickBooks so reps and wholesale customers no longer have to contact your customer service team for basic things like pricing, inventory, tracking numbers, order history, product info, etc.. Reps and B2B customers can log in 24/7 and answer their own questions. They will have the info they need right at their fingertips. Your customer service staff will be able to focus on more pressing concerns.

You may even find that your customer service team will prefer the online order form and customer detail screens over the clunky screens they see in QuickBooks. Perhaps they can use the online order entry system full-time, and they won’t need to be in QuickBooks at all, saving you on QB licenses/users.

How much more efficient could your office staff be if they didn’t need to try to decipher orders left on voice mail or handwritten orders that were faxed in? Even phone orders and email orders can be time wasters if they lead to excessive chit-chat. An online order entry system can greatly improve accuracy and efficiency.

3) Your sales staff can focus on acquiring new clients. In some businesses, there comes a point at which the salespeople become glorified customer service reps. Their time is occupied by taking repeat orders from existing clients. While those repeat orders are very important, they do little to grow your business.

With an online order entry system, you customers can input those repeat orders themselves. In fact, if they order the same items consistently, they can simply pull up a custom order form which has only the items they need on it.. The whole process takes only a minute or two. Your customers get their orders in and your salespeople are free to prospect for new business. Everybody wins.

A good order entry software can improve both office efficiency and the experience of the wholesale customers and reps. It should be affordable, easy to implement and use, and it should integrate with QuickBooks. It should reduce data entry and customer service inquiries, and improve order accuracy. Together these benefits should result in lower costs and a happier sales team.

Still have questions about order entry software? Try it out for yourself for free. Follow the link below to download a free trial version of Now Commerce's order entry software. Please share any comments or stories you've had with customer service. Also let us know any experiences you've had using order management software. 
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Photo Credit: 401(k) 2012 via Flickr