Maximizing and Simplifying B2B E-Commerce with a Customer Portal

Simplify B2B e-commerceFinding an affordable solution for effective B2B e-commerce management is a valuable asset for any business. Now Commerce has a platform that offers not only efficient management, but a viable method to increase sales and simplify business processes in general. The result is simplifying B2B e-commerce with customers and increasing profitability.

Now Commerce has been perfecting their software solutions since 2003, providing a unique tool that integrates with QuickBooks. This tool provides a B2B e-commerce platform for managing online ordering designed specifically for manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors.

Customers, sales staff, and management can all see real-time inventory, order history, pending orders, and other vital data through two-way QuickBooks Integration. This allows for 24/7 availability for businesses and customers to track inventory, place orders, or view account history.

The three options in the Now Commerce platform are customer portal, sales portal, and fulfillment. These can be chosen individually or as a bundle, and all are affordable options for complete management tools for businesses using QuickBooks.

How Do I Simplify B2B E-commerce?

The Now Commerce Customer Portal is the service that's going to specifically simplify B2B e-commerce. This software is designed for businesses selling products with SKUs online using QuickBooks Desktop. Whether as a wholesaler, distributor, or other type of business, the customer portal has comprehensive features to manage B2B sales effectively. Let's look at a few of the specific features:

  • Customized Order Forms speeds up the order process
  • Online orders automatically entered in QuickBooks minimizes data entry errors
  • View pending orders, shipping status, tracking numbers minimizes calls to your office
  • View real-time pricing and inventory so there is no order confusion
  • Manage account information—all customer information available in one place

The customer's ability to see real-time inventory and pricing levels as well as confidently track orders and shipments, gives them an ability to manage their product needs with fewer resources. They'll have the answers available without needing to call your office. By having an easier way to order with more transparency, sales will increase with higher satisfaction. Having an integrated platform suited to enhance QuickBooks Desktop, gives your business and customers clarity when conducting B2B e-commerce.

Get Up and Running in Minimal Time

Now Commerce provides a comprehensive consulting support service to help client's businesses get up and running with Now Commerce platforms. Every step of the way, your dedicated account manager will help setup your online store's needs. The simple approach of using Now Commerce will soon increase sales and productivity, and requires no additional software, hardware, or programming to get started. Basically, we're here to help you implement our leading software from the beginning to the end, to ultimately increase sales and simplify your business' processes.

Consider improving the systems your business uses when it comes to managing and selling products. Request a Demo and try it out for yourself.  And with free setup and no contracts you can't go wrong. We've helped over 500 businesses use our simple, yet powerful, solutions to reach their sales potential and increase their B2B e-commerce customers.  Let us help yours too!
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