Order Entry Software: Improve Communication Between Sales, Customer Service, Accounting, and Shipping

Order_entry_software-3Business owners and managers have to be talented jugglers. You wear many hats during the day, trying to keep one eye on daily operations and the other on business growth opportunities. You can’t afford to waste time wondering where you stand, especially regarding wholesale orders. Order entry software puts everything right at your fingertips.

Order entry software boosts the power of QuickBooks.

The most effective software integrates seamlessly with your QuickBooks system. The system captures and applies customer-specific pricing, inventory, and shipping data automatically, so there’s never a need for redundant data entry. This enables you to use QuickBooks not only to manage your financials but as a communication tool that connects sales, customer service, accounting, and shipping. You can even send your shopping cart orders automatically to QuickBooks and integrate with your shipping software or 3PL warehouse.

Real time data flow relieves frustration.

Order entry software improves communication across the board, by eliminating the risk of miscommunication. And automated data entry not only saves time, it ensures accuracy.

Everyone on your staff who’s involved in placing and checking orders will stay fully up to date. Your sales reps and customers can log in and see for themselves the information they need, so there’s no confusion, no delay, and no duplication of effort.

QuickBooks will automatically update the order entry software’s inventory levels, and can block your customers from ordering out-of-stock products. This means customers can place their own orders, check availability, select their own shipping details, and upload orders with a click. They can check on order status or history any time they want, without interrupting you or waiting for an answer.

Improving communication allows everyone to focus on what’s most important.

Sales reps would rather spend time selling more products and building personal relationships with customers. Customers would rather spend time on activities that relate directly to growing their own business.

With manual order systems, finding correct, up-to-date information is time-consuming, and there’s a high risk of errors thanks to redundant data entry points. Your customers and sales reps waste their time calling or emailing questions and waiting for a response. And your internal staff wastes time fielding those calls. With automated order entry, no one has to rely on someone else to obtain the information they need about inventory availability, pricing, order history, shipping status, etc.

Sales reps can check on details in real time from the road or while standing in front of a customer, rather than having to contact the office and then wait to learn about new pricing, discounts or other details. They can immediately see orders placed by their customers, they can create and export order data and customer lists, and they can receive email or text alerts whenever certain changes are made in QuickBooks.

When sales reps are always fully prepared, they can make better use of precious one-on-one time with customers. Demonstrating concern for your customer’s time and making ordering easy and convenient for them improves satisfaction and loyalty. Better-organized reps communicate a higher quality, professional company image, too. Learn more about how ordering software can improve customer relations.

What’s the bottom line?

Is manual data entry and the lack of real-time visibility into your ordering process holding you back? Today’s customers expect a customized, personal experience. Automated order entry software improves communication up and down the line. You may still have your hands full, but instead of juggling minutiae you’ll be focused on building your business.

We would love to hear more about your previous internal communication problems you have encountered, and how you solved them. Just leave a comment below! If you are still having these problems, then why not look into an order management system like Now Commerce? Just request a demo below. 

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Photo Credit: Kosmolaut via Flickr