How Order Processing Software can make your Reps, Customers, and Inside Staff Happy


Order processing is one of the most important functions of any business, and good order entry, processing, and fulfillment software can save you time and eliminate errors. If you give your customers and reps convenient 24/7 access to the information they need they will feel confident that their orders are being processed, delivered, and invoiced quickly and accurately. Rep and B2B Customer Portals that integrate with you back-room accounting software are an easy and affordable way to free up your inside and outside staff’s time and to win customer loyalty.

Features of Good Order Processing and Fulfillment Software

  • An integrated online customer portal that enables your B2B customers to place their own orders and answer their own customer service questions can make your customers and your staff happy. A good wholesale customer portal includes order forms with product info, images, custom pricing, custom product mix, product categories, inventory availability, multiple ship-to addresses, quantity discounts, order minimums and multiples by product, and more. Orders placed on the portal are automatically created in QuickBooks. A good portal also allows customers to access information about tracking numbers, ship dates, order status, order history, open balances, payments, credits, and invoices. Customers who can answer their own questions and place their own wholesale orders don’t need to take up the time of your sales reps and customer service people.

  • An effective sales rep portal can also make your reps, inside staff, and customers happy. Reps can log in and immediately answer their accounts’ questions without needing to wait for an email or call back from your inside team. Orders placed by reps go directly into QuickBooks without requiring data entry by your inside staff.

  • Easy and automated integration with your accounting software is key. Integrated systems eliminate the need for repetitive manual data entry, which significantly reduces the risk of incorrect information being entered into the system. Software that goes along with your current order processing flow and is easy to use will significantly streamline your entire process.

  • Warehouse integration software that integrates with QuickBooks can make your 3PL warehouse and your customer service or your order fulfillment manager happy, too. A good system will automatically sync with QuickBooks and will allow you to send your shipment requests to your 3PL with just a few clicks, eliminating the need for time consuming data entry, emailing pdf packing slips, or uploading spreadsheets. When your warehouse ships your order your staff, reps, and customers will all see the tracking number, shipping cost, and order status updated in real time. Some systems will even automatically write tracking numbers and shipping costs back to the invoice in QuickBooks, which will make your accounts receivable process more efficient as well.

Effective web based order processing and fulfillment software that is designed specifically to handle all of your wholesale order processing and 3Pl fulfillment needs can eliminate manual data entry, reduce errors, and improve customer service. Online portals that integrate with QuickBooks and give reps and customers 24/7 access to the info they need, while making your reps, customers, and inside staff happy and more productive.

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