Sales Order Management Software: Get into the Details

sales order managementYour sales team possibly needs better sales order management software after years of working with the same substandard tools. If your company had recent upticks in sales this first quarter, your sales team already has more pressure keeping everything managed. Older software that doesn't provide more detail only leads to your sales team burning out trying to keep loose ends tied.

In today's sales culture, having better analytics and more thorough data helps get ahead of competitors. Without these tools, it's akin to flying blind and not seeing certain angles you know can lead to better success.

The best solution is finding sales order management software that gives you granular reporting, providing the detail your sales team needs to see the entire sales picture.

What things should you look for in your granular reports that better scope out errors, give insight into profits, and payment methods from buyers?

Orders and Invoices

Using cloud-based, order management software added to your accounting system like QuickBooks, gives you an easy way to process and analyze orders and invoices.

When your sales team has to manually enter orders and create invoices, it can lead to major errors. If these mistakes aren’t caught it could lead to a potential domino effect throughout your company.

Not properly putting together invoice information could lead to inaccurate figures per quarter, which could affect tax write-offs and financial reports to investors.

With software that automatically syncs orders to QuickBooks, you save your sales reps major time for more important tasks. They need all the time they can get, including analyzing your company's sales metrics.

Analyzing Net Sales

Having software that shows accurate net sales can get everyone on the same page. Your sales team has to report to you if you're the CEO. As a result, you expect numbers based in reality and not estimates or figures based on speculation.

Quality sales order management software automatically calculates your net sales figures based on automatic order entries and automated invoices. Since it's in the cloud, you can also access these figures at any time and on any mobile device.

This helps when you need to check in on sales figures while you're traveling for business.

Checking on Payments

Making sure payments took place from customers is another detail your sales team has to stay on top of regularly. Not receiving payments on time can lead to serious cash flow issues, so it's vital to see accurate information.

Through an online sales portal, your sales team can check on when payments come in so there isn't any guesstimating. Even better is a customer can check in as well through their own portal so they can see whether their payment officially processed. It's a symbiotic process enabling overall better customer service and work flow for sales teams.

Credit Memos

Finding out who paid by credit and who paid cash can become very confusing without proper sales management software. Your sales department needs detailed analytics on this data so they'll have a basic timetable when specific payments come in.

Since using credit can sometimes lead to complications, those in sales need as much information as possible to assure no issues arise. This includes making sure credit orders get paid on time to avoid late payments from loyal customers.

Easy Access on the Road

When a sales person is on the road visiting customers, it can be difficult to get access to customer information without a sales portal.  With the easy accessibility they can answer customer questions as they come in.  They can find answers to customer pricing and discounts, real time inventory status, shipping and tracking information, order history and more.

With Now Commerce, we can provide the above features for your sales team. Visit us to find out more about how our cloud-based platform brings the best to your sales team.

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