Sales Rep Software: 4 Traits to Look for

sales rep software

Small business missions, visions and practices vary greatly but all companies can agree that errors, stagnation and insecure platforms will sink a company fast. Successful small business entrepreneurs know that once an organization has landed a lead or established projected sales growth, it is essential that forward momentum builds without fail. This is why sales rep software plays such a huge role in an organization's growth and development.

When account managers choose sales rep software there are certain traits they need to look for:

Integrated platforms

Sales reps spend their time working in the field, at their desk, and at home. They utilize laptops, tablets and smartphones and have come to expect the same responsiveness from their business interfaces as they do from their personal applications. Integrated platforms allow sales reps to access data and information via a friendly interface that syncs with QuickBooks in a secure manner.

Additionally, sales rep portals are intuitive and can be customized to feature relevant inventory and pertinent customer information. With fast and secure interfaces, reps are better able to manage their accounts swiftly no matter what device they work from.

Secure options

Good security isn't measured by passwords alone. Limiting access points to only those reps who have a need for access is one of many ways to keep client information secure from outsiders as well as insiders. Software that features secure access points allows reps to access only their client accounts and information. This limits error and keeps reps on target.

Software that features a simple login page and is streamlined for both desktop and mobile devices is another way to keep sales reps from jeopardizing inherent security. Too often, inability to access business software leads to frustration. In frustration, sales reps find shortcuts or use personal apps that don't comply with existing software which leads to openings and security breaches.

Make certain that the software is secure and that reps are able to keep it that way, by choosing a software package that doesn't disrupt their pre-existing workflow.

Minimal potential for error

Integrated platform interfaces that feature images and scrollable tables are another trait to keep in mind when searching for reliable sales rep software. Images act as visual aids that help busy reps distinguish inventory items, a key factor in reducing errors.

In addition to highly scan-able tables and images, simple features such as buttons and minimal clutter keeps the interface uniform across devices, improving the overall user experience, decreasing learning curves and limiting user error.

Integrated platforms also minimize errors by syncing data across a range of devices which limits the potential for redundancy.

Digital sales support

Decision-makers "prefer engaging virtually when making purchasing decisions," according to a recent article in Entrepreneur. When decision-makers choose to engage digitally, then sales reps need tools that meet customers in a competitive, digital space. Software that facilitates sales rep flexibility and streamlines data access are essential in the digital sales environment.

Choose a sales rep software package that:

  • monitors customer activity
  • manages pricing and discounts
  • provides alerts
  • delivers two-way integration with existing platforms (such as QuickBooks)

These features assist reps in better understanding their client's needs and interests without having to engage busy customers directly. Reps have ready access to pertinent information that assist them in closing sales. In addition, these features, when combined with granular reporting of orders, net sales, payments and credits gives reps all of the information they need to readily customize orders and anticipate customer needs.

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