Streamline Business Functions With an Order Management System

order_management_system-4The more time you spend answering routine customer service questions and doing data entry means less time you have to devote to the activities that generate revenue for your business. Given the fact that today’s business environment is more competitive than ever, streamlining business functions has become a top priority for companies that want to grow. An automated order management system can be the key to a smoother, more efficient process.

What you need is a system that integrates automatically with QuickBooks.

The most useful system is one that’s sophisticated enough to allow web-based order processing that integrates your existing QuickBooks platform. Your sales reps and wholesale customers can see all the information they need for accounts – accurate, up-to-date inventory, pricing and shipping details – from their smartphone or other mobile device.  The orders they place can go automatically into QuickBooks, eliminating data entry.

The right order management system will be simple and straight-forward to use, enabling sales reps to quickly:

  • Sign in.
  • Select an existing customer’s account.
  • Enter the desired quantities and a PO number using a customized order form.
  • Click to submit the order.

If your sales rep needs to double-check inventory availability or see if some special discount applies, the information will be right there. They won’t have to make assumptions or offer up a prayer that the customer’s order will go through as submitted. Nor will they have to worry about disappointed or angry customers whose orders are delayed because items were not available after all.

Every order is reliably accurate, and it’s processed far faster than using manual data entry.

Choose an order management system that allows customer access.

Self-help features can do wonders to streamline your business functions. They can also increase customer appreciation and loyalty, because your streamlined system boosts their business efficiency, too. When customers have easy access to their own account, they can log in whenever it’s convenient for them to check order status, tracking numbers, pricing, inventory, or place new orders.

They no longer have to interrupt sales reps or office staff with questions and wait for an answer. A system that can block out-of-stock inventory will also keep customers from ordering items that aren’t available.

Today’s customers want to feel – and be – in control. With the right order management system in place, you can establish yourself as a strong supplier. 

The more customers and customer locations you have to deal with, the more time-consuming and complex old-fashioned ordering becomes. It’s cumbersome, and manual data entry is an open invitation to errors -- especially when information has to be entered repeatedly to complete the process.

At some point, in order to grow you have to add sales reps and administrative staff just to keep up. Instead of streamlining business functions, you’re becoming bloated. Your manual ordering system is actually preventing your business from growing.

With an order management system, everyone wins.

With the right automated system, you can free up precious time by eliminating redundant data entry and unnecessary phone or email interruptions. Your sales reps, your accounting and shipping people and your customers will all save time, too. You’ll be better organized. And when you know your ordering system is functioning at peak performance, you’ll be less stressed and better able to focus on other vital business priorities. 

Tell us about one process you streamlined to position your company for growth. Just leave us a comment. And if you are interested in learning how Now Commerce can help improve your business functions, then please request a demo.

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