Tackle Everyday Hurdles with Sales Rep Software

sales_rep_softwareThrough its remote accessing capabilities, sales rep software provides many on-the-go advantages for traveling sales reps.  This online portal, when synced with your accounting program, allows your reps to see important customer and product information. It is a secure way to ensure accurate orders, faster order processing and greater product knowledge which results in customer satisfaction. 

Here are a few ways this software can help remove some hurdles sales reps face in their day to day responsibilities. 

Communication and Accuracy

When online capabilities are unavailable, reps are forced to rely on themselves to record order details correctly.  Humans make mistakes, so it isn’t surprising when some inaccuracies are found.  After a sales rep sends an order to the office, it then has to be entered into accounting software, like QuickBooks, which brings more chance of errors.  To avoid any discrepancies, sales rep software takes most human error out of the process, giving ease of mind to the rep, customer and back-office.


The sales market can be unpredictable.  Turnover in personnel can be high, and reps are constantly rotating.  This can pose a problem in terms of customer relationships.  If one rep has worked with a client for a certain amount of time, they have an understanding of how the customer operates, what items they usually order, etc.  When that rep is removed and another one is put in their place, all of this knowledge disappears.  However, software provides a history of what the customer has bought in the past and any specifics like pricing discounts or credit lines.  This results in a seamless takeover by the new rep, who can then accommodate the customer just as well as the previous representative did.

Credit History

When a representative has to deal with a vast number of clients, it becomes harder to keep track of all the financial information for each customer.  Not only is information kept on how much they paid for certain orders, but also on how much a customer owes for past purchases.  It may be the case that new orders can’t be honored until past debts have been cleared, and it is here that sales rep software helps immensely.  Having the financial specifics at their fingertips allows representatives to stay up to date on each individual customer, reminding them of amounts owed and whether or not they are approaching their credit limit.  It also can help the sales rep to plan ahead and catch problems before they arise.

Sales rep software is a powerful tool in assisting reps in the field.  When processes are simplified and information is available online, 24/7, it frees up a lot of time to engage new clients and focus on growing the business.  However, this software isn’t only beneficial to the reps themselves.  When a company has a rep selling multiple lines, they want to maintain top of mind awareness with the reps.  A reliable way to do so is by providing them with processes that make their lives easier.  In this way, both the rep and the company benefit.order management system