Take Advantage of Growing Wholesale E-commerce Trends

wholesale ecommerceWith the advent of cloud-based technology, wholesale e-commerce is a growing trend for B2B direct purchasing. Overall e-commerce sales in the U.S. alone have been steadily increasing yearly by an average of 15%. According to an InternetRetailer.com article on April 2, 2015:

In a report released today, Forrester Research Inc. forecasts that business-to-business e-commerce sales in the United States will reach $780 billion this year—more than twice the most recent figure of $304.91 billion in U.S. retail e-commerce sales released by the U.S. Department of Commerce, for 2014—and is on course to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 7.7% until it reaches $1.13 trillion in 2020.

These growing trends largely involve wholesale e-commerce, and show the need for an integrated B2B e-commerce solution for businesses wanting to stay ahead. Many companies are taking advantage of these trends and finding an order management system to facilitate this projected growth.

For small and medium sized businesses using QuickBooks, they're looking for these qualities in a B2B e-commerce solution:

  • Easy Integration with QuickBooks
  • Tapping into growing B2B mobile purchasing
  • An experienced, feature-rich, and affordable service

Easy Integration with QuickBooks

Finding an order management system that syncs well with QuickBooks is the perfect solution for wholesalers, manufactures, and distributors looking to take advantage of these growing e-commerce trends. With seamless integration your customers and sales reps can enter an order into the order software and then have it sync to QuickBooks without having to key it in again. This saves a lot of time and cuts down on errors too!

Being able to sync important data like real-time inventory, customer pricing, and account history from QuickBooks to your ecommerce site for customers and sales reps to check at any time will be a great timesaver for the office as well as keep you a step ahead of your competition.

Tapping Into Growing B2B Mobile Purchasing

More and more B2B buyers are doing research on their tablets and smartphones for products, which means if they have a customer portal available they'll also do more purchasing on their mobile technology as well. Businesses need a solution that has responsive design technology, to render forms and important information on mobile devices.

No longer is it just a quality product and low price B2B customers are after, but also an easy-to-use interface, feature rich data, and an easy way to accomplish simple and complicated orders 24/7.

Business are going to benefit by tapping into the growing B2B mobile purchasing trends, which are sure to have a significant projected growth in the future.

Get an Experienced, Feature-Rich, and Affordable Service

An easy-to-use SaaS technology that integrates easily with software you already use, like QuickBooks, produces a distinct advantage.

The ability to customize order forms, show real-time pricing and inventory, and see their complete account ordering history – are some of the enhanced features B2B customers should have available. Sales reps, as well as B2B customers, will now have an enhanced experience when researching and purchasing products.

Increase sales and customer satisfaction, so your company can retain B2B customers as well as attract more.

Increase B2B Sales!

What every wholesaler and distributer wants to do is increase sales and profitability with less resources. Integrate into the growing B2B e-commerce market and empower your customers, sales reps and back office.

Let's face it, not tapping into mobile and cloud-based technologies with integrated order management software, will leave your business behind the competition.

Leverage the work you do in QuickBooks