The Benefits of Using Sales Rep Software

salesteamAs a manufacturer, wholesaler or distributor, selling B2B, outside sales reps are usually central to your business.  Independent sales reps are a great way to nurture your customers and grow the business.  Yet, it can be a challenge to manage them and keep processes running efficiently.  You can help your sales reps better serve your customers and keep the order management process streamlined with sales rep software. 

Sales rep software is a tool that allows for online access to customer account and product information, as well as visibility into your inventory and shipping information.  Your sales reps will be able to place orders online, from any device, 24/7.  Automatic creation of orders in QuickBooks, eliminates data entry, improving order accuracy. 

There are many advantages to having sales rep software.  Here are a few below. 

Improved Efficiencies

One important feature is that it syncs with your QuickBooks accounting software.  Having continuous synchronization between QuickBooks and the software will allow product lists, inventory levels, customer pricing, customer lists and complete customer transaction history readily available for your sales reps to access. 

Your sales reps will be able to use this information to place orders directly into the system from anywhere, at any time.  The order will go directly into QuickBooks for processing and shipping.  Without the need to send the order to the office and rekey it, you minimize the chance of orders becoming lost.  And there is less of a chance for errors because you will never have to key in an order twice.

Up to the Minute Information

With sales rep software, reps will always have up to the minute customer account and product information.  They will no longer have to call the office and interrupt the staff.  They will have access to customer specific pricing (using QuickBooks price levels), real time stock status, shipment confirmation, tracking information, and complete order and payment history.  With user specific email alerts for new orders and other related activities your reps always know where their customers’ accounts are.  Inside staff are able to do their jobs with less interruption.  Time spent on customer service needs is reduced which speeds up the order cycle. 

Stronger Customer Relationships

No more wasted time waiting for customer account information from the office.  Sales reps are able to spend their time building customer relationships plus go after potential new customers.  With online access, reps can place new orders right on the spot at customer meetings.   With a customer’s order history, they can recommend reorders based on past sales. 

Monitoring Sales Rep Progress

You want to have the peace of mind that your sales reps are doing the job.  With admin access you have 30+ customizable sales reports, to view, print and export.  You can run them by individual sales rep to see their progress.  You also have a custom message center to keep sales reps informed about product updates or pricing changes.    

Businesses are continuously looking for ways to streamline processes and increase productivity.  Sales reps focus on strengthening customer relationships and making more sales.  Ensuring your sales reps have the tools they need to do their best is important to the growth of your business.  A sales rep software solution is an easy and affordable way to have a winning sales team.  order management system