How Web-Based Sales Rep Software Helps Your Business

sales rep software User-friendly sales rep software is the key to optimizing revenue for your small business. By empowering your sales representatives with immediate access to real-time information regarding inventory, existing orders, and shipments, sales representatives are able to respond to customer requests promptly. The results are increased client satisfaction and a higher rate of closed sales. Below are the key advantages of web-based sales rep software.

Accessibility: Enabling Sales Reps to Close Sales Anytime from Any Location

Accessibility of data is vital to a sales rep’s ability to maximize his or her performance. This is especially the case for mobile sales staff who frequently work from remote locations or from their homes. An increasing number of sales representatives are working from their homes, their hotel rooms, and even from airplanes. Web-based sales software enables users to check pricing and availability, or finalize a sale regardless of the time of day or the sales rep’s location. In fact, sales reps can close sales just as quickly and easily from an overseas convention center as they can from their local offices.

Ease of Use: Set Up New Customers and Enter Orders Quickly

New customers are the building blocks of growth for your business. Sales representatives should be delighted to add new customers to their client base rather than approaching the customer setup process with dread due to the work involved. The creation of an account and an order for a new customer should be intuitive and easy for sales reps. This allows them to focus their time and energy on selling and generating new business for your company.

Real-Time Inventory: The Key to Closing Sales for Products Required Immediately

Sales representatives receive periodic requests from clients with urgent product requirements. In many such cases, the customer requires next-day or same-week delivery. Without access to real-time inventory, sales representatives risk losing the business because they are unable to immediately confirm the availability of the required product. Web-based software, on the other hand, allows a sales representative to respond to the client immediately with the available quantity. The end result is an increase in closed sales.

Tracking: Providing Real-time Information on Orders and Shipments

The status of an order or tracking number for a shipment should be easy to obtain. Sales software should allow sales reps to quickly see whether or not an order has shipped and to view any order updates. With their ability to use web-based software to provide customers with prompt updates on their orders and shipments, sales representatives help increase customer satisfaction.

Specificity: Allows Sales Reps to View Activity for their Specific Clients Only

Older sales software systems made it difficult or impossible for sales representatives to view their own sales activity only. Software that easily makes this possible is welcomed by sales representatives who do not have the time to sort through the activity of other sales representatives in the process of accessing their own orders and customer data. Sale rep software should permit salespeople to promptly access their accounts, open orders, closed sales and tracking information for their own clients only.

Choosing the Sales Software that Best Meets the Needs of Your Business

With the plethora of sales software platforms available for businesses, it is critical that you choose software that arms your sales reps with accessibility and immediate access to real-time information. Additionally, you should seek a software provider with proven industry experience and a high degree of responsiveness to your needs. The software experts at Now Commerce have both the software and expertise to help your sales representatives achieve optimal performance. Please contact us to learn how we can help your business maximize sales results.

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