3 Reasons Why 3PL Warehouse Integration Speeds Up Your Order Fulfillment Process

order-fulfillment-arrowIf you use a 3PL to do your order fulfillment you are faced with the daily challenge of sending them your orders before the shipping deadline. Software that allows you to send your shipment requests to your 3PL in a batch without any data entry can be the key to speeding up the fulfillment process.

Does your 3PL (third party logistics providers, aka bonded warehouses or public warehouses) require you to perform order entry into their portal, or to create an order file that matches their specification, or worst of all, to email them individual pdf’s of packing lists?

A system that integrates your accounting software (such as QuickBooks) with your warehouse can save you time and money by speeding up the fulfillment process and by reducing re-ships and returns.

Three Big Reasons to Implement Warehouse Integration

If you want to make 3PL order fulfillment faster, more efficient, and to free up your staff’s time, consider these reasons for implementing warehouse integration:

  1. Save time by eliminating data entry - Manually entering order data into the warehouse's system, creating and sending spreadsheets, or emailing pdf’s takes a lot of time. Too much data entry can cause you to miss your warehouse’s daily order cutoff time. Warehouse integration software allows you to review your orders directly from your accounting system, select the orders which need to go to the warehouse with just a click, and instantly send an entire batch of orders directly into their warehouse management software.

  1. Save money by eliminating human error – Data entry error happens… it's a fact of life. Errors sent to your warehouse can be very expensive to correct. Sometimes these errors result in a return. Some errors can require you to cover the cost of overnight shipping to avoid a late delivery. It is very difficult to make money on when you need to handle an order twice or pay for expedited shipping. Automating the exchange of data between your accounting software and your 3PL eliminates these human errors.

  1. Save time by catching problems early – Your warehouse integration dashboard will allow you to see the progress of each order that you send to the warehouse. You can see orders that stay on the pending shipments list too long and then be able to take the action to identify that order’s issue so you can get it moving again. When the warehouse does their pick, pack and ship operation they will mark the order complete in their software. The order will then jump from your dashboard’s pending list to the completed list. The tracking number and shipping cost will be visible to you in real time. This info can then go to QuickBooks automatically and be available to your reps and customers via their B2B portals.

If you are in a product based business, you are in the business of order fulfillment, even if you use a third party warehouse. Why wouldn't you want to make this process as quick and accurate as possible? Warehouse integration will allow manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, and even online retailers with shopping carts to save time, reduce errors, and improve the overall customer experience. Your warehouse will also love receiving your order information directly into their software.

Now Commerce offers 3PL warehouse integration for companies that use QuickBooks. Schedule a demo today and see for yourself just how much time you can save. Your staff, your warehouse, and your customers will all thank you!

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