4 Reasons Order Entry Software is Right for Your Wholesale Business

growth with order entry softwareWholesale businesses are constantly on the move. Whether it be taking orders for the upcoming holiday season or simply trying to keep up with a new promotion, there are always orders coming in that need to be filled and shipped out. While this is great for business, you also want to make sure you can keep track of all your customers and upcoming orders without anything slipping through the cracks. With the help of order entry software, that won’t be a problem. Just check out the following reasons why this software is exactly what you need to transform your business.

It allows you to easily place orders online

Oftentimes, customers who are dealing with a wholesaler will call someone to get an estimate of how much a certain product is going to cost. While some want a single product, others want to purchase in bulk. After you have the opportunity to go through everything with them, many end up deciding to go ahead and place the order. With that being the case, you want to be able to get the order entered into the system quickly and easily to get the items shipped to them. The last thing you want is to double order an item and not be able to take care of a client due to an item shortage. Order entry software lets you detail what the customer needs and get the order on the books for further processing. This way everyone can see the pending order and know what items are already allocated.

You can go back and check pricing at any time

If a customer ever has a question about how much the bill is going to be for a specific product, you can easily go back in your system and pull up the estimate you provided them with back when they contacted you on the phone in the first place. This helps to minimize any confusion and ensures everyone is on the same page. There is no way you can possibly remember every customer and every quote, which is why an order entry software is so important to business owners today. It organizes everything and lets any of your staff members provide customers with the information they need.

It allows you to track the status of any order

When dealing with something like a major order, you might have to go back to the same order a few times before the order is finally complete and all products have been shipped. In these situations, you want to make sure the order is updated with as many notes as possible documenting what has been shipped and what needs to be shipped still. This ensures nothing is overlooked and the order is completed. Providing customers shipping status and tracking information is no longer a nice to have it is a must have.

It saves a lot of time

With an order entry system, you can give your team all the tools they need to succeed. It saves a lot of time for customers and enables your team to be more productive. Any of your team members can quickly answer customer questions about pricing, order or account status. This prevents the customer from getting handed off from one person to the next, ensuring your customers get excellent customer service every step of the way.

With so many different reasons why order entry software is going to benefit your business, it makes sense to implement it into the mix today. In doing so, you can simplify business operations and ensure customers always receive the best experience possible.

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