Five Reasons to Love Order Entry Software

heartOrder entry software is designed to give you a centralized set of tools to manage your business from inventory to delivery. A web-based order entry platform offers you flexibility and convenience. Let’s take a look at five of the reasons you will love having a web-based system for your business:

  1. Offers Automation – As a business owner, you know that the adage “time is money” is very true. Growth of your business means more paperwork, more data entry, and increased workloads for your employees. Order entry software reduces this by automating much of the process, freeing you and your employees to focus on customer needs. This automation leads directly to the second reason to love this beneficial software:


  1. Reduces Errors - Besides taking up employee time, manually entering and re-entering data creates opportunity for human error. Every time information has to be re-entered, the possibility for error grows. An order entry system automatically populates data where it is needed, eliminating manual entry error. In addition to data re-entry, handwritten sales orders can create a problem – which leads to reason number three:


  1. Provides Clarity, Convenience, and Speed – An order entry system solves the problem of trying to decipher handwritten notes and order forms from your sales reps or customers. Being web-based, your customers have the convenience of creating and checking their own orders, whenever and wherever they wish. With web-based forms, orders are clear and instantaneous. Your customers and sales reps are able to access information in real-time without waiting on replies or being held to your business hours. Since the order entry software automates the process, the orders are fulfilled and delivered faster, with more efficiency. This convenience and speed leads to the number four reason to love it:


  1. Gives You a Competitive Edge – Money and time saved on administrative duties through an order entry system can be put to better use to sustain and grow your business. You will have happier customers because they know there is less chance for error in their orders, and they will appreciate the convenience the system will provide. A happy customer is a loyal customer. Customers can get order questions answered themselves, which means less back-office work for your employees, yet customer service won’t suffer. With less paperwork, sales reps are able to spend more time actually selling, and with access to customer records, they will understand customer needs better.


And….Number 5 – Now Commerce Software Integrates with Existing Software


You’ve already invested time and effort in your QuickBooks software. However, QuickBooks can only take you so far. Now Commerce offers order entry software that works with your existing QuickBooks. Our system gives you the ability to grow beyond your existing limits without sacrificing customer service, while saving you money.

For more information about why you will love how order entry software can benefit your business, call Now Commerce for a demo today.Order Entry Software