5 Benefits to Order Entry Software for Your B2B Business

benefits_order_entry_softwareOrder entry software is designed to make your life easier.  As a B2B business with sales rep, you may need to enter orders in all the time.  It can now be done easier with software that provides you with a wide range of benefits. This allows you to gain more productivity and have more tools at your fingertips.

The top five benefits are discussed so you can see how to better streamline your order process and give your sales rep the best tools for efficiency. Order software is easy to use and can be what you have been searching for to provide better service to your customers and give your sales reps and back office the best tool to increase productivity.

Tied Together with QuickBooks

QuickBooks ties it all together so you can focus on less data entry.  Once an order is placed in the portal it will automatically appear in QuickBooks and have all of the needed data so you don't encounter redundancy with data entry. Reports can also be created to tell you about the sales, the orders, the payments, and much more. It's easier to meet sales goals with better reports at your fingertips.

Place Orders Online

You have the ability to place orders online and from anywhere at any time.  This saves a significant amount of time and hassle from having to take hand-printed order forms and then enter them into the system once you get back into the office. It can eliminate a lot of the problems with being unable to read what a sales rep wrote when out in the field.  It also gets the orders in faster so that the processing can begin. Further, you won't have to worry about finding a fax machine, calling someone on the phone to confirm details about what they wanted to order, or anything else that slows down the process of getting a customer’s order shipped.

Check Pricing

If a customer has a question about pricing while a sales rep is on-site, it can often be difficult to get that information. Some industries have prices that change all the time, so it's not as simple as carrying a catalog with you.  With order entry software in place, you can be sure you have the ability to check the pricing in real-time in order to answer questions. The total dollar value can be given, too, inclusive of delivery charges, discounts, or anything else that is applied.

Track Orders

Orders can be tracked so you know where an order is and when the estimated delivery time is going to be. This allows you to keep customers in the loop so they can enjoy better customer service from your company. You can also view past orders and know when they were delivered to ensure you are able to answer any questions that may be asked of you from a customer. It gives the customer the ability to plan better as well. 

Time Saving

You have the ability to give sales reps everything they need to be more productive and save time with clients. This includes answering questions when they are in client meetings. They will be able to see what the prices are, what the inventory in stock is, and view credit memos and sales receipts. This prevents questions from being handed off to someone else, which can delay the answers and result in less than ideal customer service.

Now Commerce is here to help you with order entry software that pairs with QuickBooks so you can streamline your order process.  Whenever you order through the portal, it is updated in QB as well. It is a great way to ensure you are quickly able to see the inventory that is needed for your customers and give sales reps the tools they need to grow the business.order management system