Turn Your Reps into Super Stars with Sales Rep Software

sales_rep_softwareWhen hiring outside sales reps for your wholesale business you want to ensure they are going to give your product line the utmost attention with customers.  There’s a lot of information on both products and customers to keep organized.  They also have to work closely with your inside staff to get orders processed and shipped and customer accounts managed.  Giving them the tools they need to stay informed and organized can increase productivity.  With sales rep software you can give your reps the opportunity to shine. 

Sales rep software gives your sales reps a secure log in area to place customer orders online, plus be able to see available inventory, customer pricing, shipments and payments.   All the things necessary to do an all-star job.  

So how does sales rep software increase productivity and turn your reps into the best?  See 4 reasons below.

Faster Order Processing

The best software will integrate with QuickBooks, or other accounting software, so that when orders are placed online, it gets updated to QuickBooks automatically.  With the ability to see customer specific pricing and current inventory status, there will be fewer call backs to the rep because orders will come in complete and accurate.  Since the reps enter their own orders, you eliminate the need for office staff to rekey orders, ending the inevitable keying error.  They can be processed and sent right through to the warehouse for shipping.  Sales reps will get notified when their orders have been processed so they can keep their customers up to date. 

Better Communication Flow

This smooth order flow increases productivity because sales rep can use the software to see customers tailored order forms, prices and available inventory so they can place orders anytime they need, rather than waiting for the office to call back with answers to these questions. 

No longer will your inside staff be bothered by the constant interruptions from the outside reps.  Since your sales reps will be able to access all product and customer information, your inside staff can get their work done as well.  And if inside staff need to jump in to help a customer they are able to access the same information as well. 

More Customer Expertise

With information like, specialized pricing (using QuickBooks price levels), quantities in stock and on backorder, minimum order levels, most ordered items and tracking numbers, sales rep will be armed with all they need to provide the best service to their customers.  They will be able to answer customer questions with a few simple key strokes and your customers will appreciate the efficiency and sales rep knowledge.  Happy customers are loyal customers. 

Nurtured Customers

With the streamlining of the order process and freed up from routine phone calls, sales reps can have more time to scout out new customers and build lasting relationships with current ones.  Armed with essential customer information, sales reps can place reorders quickly, offer new products based on past orders and give timely information on shipments so that customers can plan in advance.   Customers that can plan, gain valuable time on their end.  When your customers do well, you do well. 

Sales rep software is easy to implement and a low cost tool that can provide your sales reps with a vast range of ways to succeed with their customers.  Being able to process orders faster, increase communication flow, and grow your customer base while nurturing existing ones are all ways that sales rep software can help your sales reps achieve success. order management system