6 Compelling Reasons Why You Need Sales Rep Software

sales_rep_software1Providing the proper tools to your sales reps enables them to better do their job. It is a statement that you care about your products and your brand, and that you want the sales team to be able to meet customer demands. Sales rep software, is just such a tool.

Sales rep software is designed for both inside staff and outside sales reps to manage the day to day business of your customers.  All account information, from pricing to past sales history should be readily available.  As well as being able to place customer orders which go straight into your accounting software, like QuickBooks, and to your warehouse or third party warehouse for shipping. 

Here are six reasons you need sales rep software:

  1. Centralized Data

    Having all the information a sales rep requires in a centralized location, makes it easier to find product information, and manage and maintain accounts. With a cloud-based solution, the data and accounts are accessible 24/7.

  1. Saves Time

Without sales software, when a sales rep needs answers about a product or a customer, he has to call the home office (if it is during office hours), or use email. It means time taken from doing the job of selling. If your software provides a way for the sales rep to look up what he needs himself, at any hour from anywhere, he can be more efficient and productive.
  1. Relieves Tedium and Reduces Mistakes

If you enter your inventory information, pricing, and other data in your QuickBooks, you can avoid having to retype that information to provide to your sales team. If the sales rep has a repeat customer, the software will automatically fill in required information. Orders are entered into your QuickBooks automatically as well. Less time spent manually entering and re-entering data means less opportunity for mistakes, and more time for your reps to sell. Your customers will have more assurance that their orders will be accurate. 
  1. Improves Customer Service

When your reps are no longer spending time manually inputting orders, or waiting for answers to questions, they can focus on improving customer relations. It creates a positive image for your company when a rep can quickly solve issues or answer customer questions. 
  1. Inventory Management

Besides automatically keeping inventory up-to-date, the reporting and history features concerning inventory allow you and your reps to see what products are being ordered and how often. At the back end, you are able to see trends and patterns by analyzing all your reps. It gives you an overview of your sales strengths and weaknesses. Your reps can get an idea of what to focus on to improve their sales and more accurately forecast what customers may need and want. On your end, having software that creates reports and tracks orders automatically makes accountability and performance of your sales reps measureable.
  1. Improves Your Bottom Line

Making your sales reps jobs easier, with less back office paperwork, makes them happier. A happier sales rep will be more enthusiastic about your products and services. A more enthusiastic, helpful sales rep means happier customers. A happier customer means more loyalty and re-orders.

Here’s a bonus reason. Your competitors are most likely considering software themselves. The paper and pencil way of doing things is evolving into more efficient and productive processes. Sales rep software is one of those evolutions. Your investment in sales rep software is an investment for company growth. Stay ahead of your competition.order management system