6 Reasons to Move from Manual Order Fulfillment to an Automated System

order-fulfillment-blogYour order fulfillment system can be one of the most important aspects of your business, and when it is not up to date, your business suffers. If you are continuing to use a manual order fulfillment system, it is time you reevaluated your decision. There are a multitude of reasons that a more automated order fulfillment system can be more effective for your business.

  • Automation is more accurate. You will completely eliminate most of the risk for human error  when you employ an automated order fulfillment system in place of your manual one. An automated system that offers drop down menus and preset SKU numbers means that you won't ever need to worry about entering information incorrectly, and your customers won't have to worry about selecting the wrong products.

  • An automated order fulfillment system means fewer returns and refunds. Since orders are not only entered through an automated system, but processed as well, customers can have the ability to change types and amounts at any time without worrying about confusing correspondence with a sales person, and there is less chance of them receiving something that doesn't fit their ever changing needs.

  • Eliminate miscommunication with an automated order processing and fulfillment system. If you have ever played the childhood game "pass it on", then you will understand how easy it can be to experience miscommunication. With an automated system, the drop down menus and preset categories will ensure that information is entered and interpreted correctly, so miscommunication might as well be nonexistent.

  • An automated order fulfillment system contains less errors. No matter how hard we try, we are human and we make mistakes from time to time. With an automated order fulfillment system, however, the number of mistakes we make is greatly reduced. Since information is entered automatically, we spend less time typing and entering information manually, and that can significantly reduce the risk for pesky errors. Additionally, any incomplete orders or mistyped information is noted and a sales professional is notified so that any errors that do exist are taken care of immediately.

  • Eliminate the need for repetitive or extensive data entry with an automated order fulfillment system. Free up some valuable time for your sales professionals as well as your customers with an automated order fulfillment system. With an automated system, there is no need for duplicate information to be entered and re-entered over and over. Information is automatically entered into your system in the fields required without ever having to manually type it in more than once, so your sales professionals can spend their time building new customer relationships and improving existing ones.

  • An automated order fulfillment system can integrate the various aspects of your entire order processing system. With an automated order fulfillment system, you don't have to worry about switching in between tasks. When an order is place, it automatically transfers to your other software, integrating seamlessly with QuickBooks, your warehouse, and other software in your system. Automation means you will never have to worry about your inventory information, bookkeeping information, product details or customer information being out of date or inaccurate.

If you have been using a manual order fulfillment system, and you are finding yourself plagued with continuous errors, delays, miscommunication or time consuming data entry, maybe it is time that you evaluate the opportunities that an automated order fulfillment system can bring. While not all order entry, processing and fulfillment software is created equally, recent advances in technology has enabled us to develop software that is completely automated, error free, and integrates seamlessly with all of your order fulfillment systems in order to help you and your business reach success.

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