Add Order Management Software to Your B2B Brand Strategy

Brand strategyThere isn't any question that customer engagement in the B2B world is more imperative than ever in a time when buyers want a more personalized experience with companies they buy from. Creating brand loyalty is never easy in a world where B2B competition is so intense. You're possibly feeling this pinch lately and wondering how you can stand out from hundreds of other B2B companies selling the same products you do.

Evidence shows buyers who engage more with B2B companies simply end up buying more. With this in mind, companies should find ways to make the buying process easier and more personalized for their customers.  One way to do this is by offering your customers a way to access their own accounts and place orders quickly and easily online with order management software.

The key is finding the right software where you can personalize a buyers experience and make their lives easier.  This is imperative to keeping a buyer engaged.  But how can you create brand loyalty directly through the order process so a buyer is cognizant of your brand while giving them power to control their orders?

Here at Now Commerce, we've designed software that can help keep your brand prominent while also offering helpful features and detailed data.

Bringing Your Own Branded Design to the Customer Portal

Being able to brand with your own logo and colors is important in order management software.  It can be a liability not to brand to a buyer while they buy from you.  You want to always keep your brand at the forefront of a customer’s mind. 

Through a customer portal, you can add your own branding colors and logo with ease so every time a customer makes a purchase, they have awareness of your brand. Even more important, though, is using branding colors and logos to bring an emotional connection.

Experts note emotional connections in B2B branding helps break away from the business-as-usual approaches B2B can project. It's why the type of logo you use and the colors you use can quickly send an important statement about your company as a customer buys or searches for the type of products they need.

With our software, you can also customize the sign-in page with your own branding to create that instant emotional connection before buyers even make their first purchase.

Branding Your Order Forms

Branding in B2B doesn't have to stay within the confines of promoting your company values. You should also incorporate your products in with the branding, including during the order process. It's one reason we give you the ability to create as many order forms as you need using product imaging as another path towards brand loyalty and personalization for individual customers.

Having images and descriptions of the products on your order forms helps customers make better purchasing decisions.  Plus, when you place an image of your product, you help your customers keep track of which products they need when purchasing multiple items.

Let's remember, though, that branding can also mean concepts rather than just imagery. You can achieve this by ensuring you get order management software that a customer wants to use.

Engagement through Ease of Use

While you have the power to brand your software in many unique ways, giving power to the buyer to access their account at any time helps keep them engaged. This goes for a smarter search feature so a buyer can find what they need faster and based on what they searched for before.

Giving the ability to make purchases faster and easier (especially on a mobile device) is the best way to keep your customers coming back.  And by making a customer’s life easier you make your own life easier in the process.   Giving a customer access to their own accounts will alleviate tedious phone calls to your office asking questions they can answer themselves. 

It pays to increase customer engagement with an order process that allows your customers a way to access their own accounts.   It’s a way to complement the entire buying process.

Visit us here at Now Commerce to learn more about our software and how it can inspire buyers to stick with your company for life.

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