B2B Businesses Need a QuickBooks Order Management Upgrade

upgrade quickbooks order managementAre you a B2B business who uses QuickBooks Desktop but searching for a solution to better manage your overall ordering process?

While QuickBooks offers efficient tools for many necessary business tasks, QuickBooks order management isn't one of them. Startups and growing businesses in the wholesale and manufacturing industries need efficient tools for both their sales reps and B2B customers.  As a business grows with more orders coming in, you need the most efficient way to place and track orders anytime and anywhere.

This means you need an order management system that easily integrates with QuickBooks Desktop. This will give you the ability to modernize the entire order management process, without having to completely change your system. A simple SaaS add-on solution with an easy-to-use, feature-rich interface is a simple way to upgrade an entire order management system. And increasingly, this upgrade is becoming necessary for businesses to keep up in a growing, cloud-based business world.

Upgrade without Starting Over

Find order management software that syncs seamlessly with QuickBooks to give customers and sales reps the ability to access their information such as order history and real time inventory.  You will no longer have to rekey orders into QuickBooks because once an order is placed by a customer or sales rep it gets automatically entered into QuickBooks.  Good-bye rekeying errors.

Finding a simple and cost-effective solution that provides easy implementation, training, and ongoing support is key during this needed upgrade. It's also important to know exactly what features and abilities this product has. Finding a service that offers free demos or a free trial is a good way to see if it's a good fit.

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Increase Orders, Lower Costs

With proper QuickBooks order management you can leave the ordering in the customer’s hands.  They can check pricing, inventory levels and look up new products from their own personal portal.  This alleviates many mundane calls and emails to the home office which can hold up orders.  The orders get placed quicker and sent right to QuickBooks and the warehouse for shipping.  No longer does it need to go through many hands.  More streamlined order processing means faster shipping, sending the product to customers in record time and without errors.

Does Your Business Have These Tools?

Maybe you're not sure what to look for with QuickBooks order management software, or maybe you're not convinced that you need it.

Let's look at some important key features:

  • 24/7 ordering and access by managers, B2B customers, and sales reps
  • Customizable customer and sales rep portal interface
  • Customers and reps can see detailed info on current orders and order history
  • Customizable order forms with well-presented products for easy ordering
  • Online orders automatically entered in QuickBooks
  • Real-time pricing and inventory
  • View pending orders
  • Monitor customer activity
  • Granular reporting
  • No manual data entry
  • Integration with virtually all shipping systems

Wouldn't all of these powerful features be an excellent upgrade for any wholesale, manufacturing, or other business using QuickBooks Desktop?

Cloud-Based Business is the Future

Cloud-based software solutions are changing the way businesses are functioning in many different ways, including sales and ordering systems.  Finding a SaaS solution for better order management is necessary for growth in this rapidly changing cloud-based technological business world.

B2B and other customers are getting used to easier ways of ordering and managing the goods they need for business. Being able to integrate business systems to adequately keep up with mobile and cloud-based technologies will ensure your company is staying ahead of the competition.


Simple solutions are available. The key is finding a partner who understands QuickBooks and how a B2B order site can integrate with your business.

Now Commerce is a company that understands QuickBooks and the industries it serves, and from this understanding have designed an order management SaaS for businesses like yours. We strive to provide a holistic service at an affordable monthly cost, and give ongoing support at every step.

To learn more or to start a free trial, please contact us today.

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