Benefits of Order Management Software

grow_scrabbleOrder management software is just one of many tools that can help your wholesale business run more smoothly.  By enhancing efficiency and freeing your time to build your business, order management has many benefits.  The following examples are just a few of the reasons it makes sense to invest in order management software for your customers and sales reps.   

Integration with your Accounting System

To be effective, order management software must sync to your accounting software such as QuickBooks if you are a small to medium sized business.  Everything from what a customer has previously ordered, to their pricing and discounts, what inventory is available for orders plus more will be able to sync from QuickBooks to your order software.  Sales reps and customers can place orders right where they are and the order will go straight into your accounting software so you do not have to rekey the order.  This helps minimize mistakes and ensures an accurate order. 

Easy Access to Information

As a wholesale company, you have customers and most likely sales reps that need access to information to do business with you.  Order management software allows one convenient location for the information for everyone.  You will no longer have to access many databases or excel spreadsheets or call the office to complete a single transaction.  Access to order forms, pricing, shipping and tracking information reduces time needed to process and complete the order, and ultimately results in faster turnaround time and a pleased customer.

Accurate Inventory

With integration to inventory levels, customers and sales reps can be assured they are only ordering items with availability.  If items are out of stock, you can display when it will be available so that customers can plan accordingly.  But integration with inventory systems doesn’t just equal benefits to customers.  Your business can take advantage of the coordination to keep inventory levels efficient.  If information is constantly updated and available about the products with the highest selling rates and their current availability, you can easily manage your reorders more efficiently.   This can have the advantage of freeing up warehousing space and costs. 

Tracking Orders

Order management systems also go beyond just ordering products.  With warehouse integration you can identify what was ordered, when it was ordered, where it is in the shipping process, and if it was received.  Keeping track of the order status allows your office to always have visibility of an order.  It makes planning that much easier for customers and sales reps.   It also provides a cushion if something were to happen to the order that was out of your control.  The “paper trail” documented by an order management system therefore puts your customer at ease, as they can trace where exactly their product is. 

These are just a few ways that order management software can help your wholesale business.  With the ability for a customer or sales rep to answer their own questions and place their own orders it streamlines the entire order management process.  With everything synced together it can give your business insight that you weren’t able to have before. order management system